Cosplaying to Be "Different"

Another sadly cosplay-less day. And another late post (my laptop battery died). I had intended to start making my jacket today, however I spent my time cleaning up after my party. So, today's topic is: Cosplaying to be "different."

Cosplaying does make most people unique within their own communities. Whether they be the only cosplayer in their family, circle of friends, school, or even city, they will never be the only cosplayer ever.

As far back as I can think, originality is always what gets you noticed, and it seems like everyone wants to get noticed. And why wouldn't they? Fame is glorified in television, movies, and anywhere else you look.

The search for a better lifestyle, the instinctual desire for easier survival, has in a sense evolved into the search for being unique. However, I do not think that cosplaying is the ideal way to be different.

No matter what you choose to cosplay, there are others who have done it first, and those who have done it better. I believe that cosplay should not be used as a way to be unique or gain fame. It is a hobby. Just like knitting or building model train sets.

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