Iron-On Vinyl Notes

I'm hoping that I'll come back and edit this to make it make more sense. Right now, it's just notes to help me get through the pricess of applying this stuff for the first time.

I bought my iron-on vinyl from I bought two different types, Sister EasyWeed Stretch and Siser EasyWeed Extra. "Stretch" is used to put on stretchy fabrics, mostly sports jerseys, and "Extra" is used for nylon, leather, and "other tough fabrics."

Instructrions from
Sister WasyWeed Stretch & Extra

• All designs must be cut in reverse
• Weed away excess material
• Preheat garment on heat press for a few seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles
• Position EasyWeed Stretch design on garment
• Cover with a Teflon sheet to prevent scorching

• Peel HOT or COLD
• Heat apply at 305°F for 15 seconds, MEDIUM pressure

• Heat apply at 320 degrees F for 10 - 15 seconds, LIGHT pressure
• Peel HOT

My Notes:
Sister WasyWeed Stretch & Extra
• Can be cut with normal scissors.
• Use pin tip to help peel the plastic off (especially when hot).

• Can draw on the shiny side with permanent marker before ironing onto fabric (shiny part gets peeled off).
• Difficult to cut shiny-side-up because light reflects, can't see the lines you drew to cut.
• Iron on shiny-side up.
• Wait until cool to stretch/pull/move.
• Highest heat setting on my iron (LINEN/MAX).
• Don't over-stretch (doesn't stretch as far as dance/bathing suit fabric).

• Some stretch, but causes warp. Can be fixed with ironing.
• Crumple fabric while hot to create very light weathered effect.

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