*sob sob cry* (Days 213 & 214)

Yesterday (Day 213) I did nothing, because.. Well, I just didn't. Well, I went to this fundraiser for Kin-Yoobi Con. We ate at TGI Fridays and took a flier, and 25% of our bill went to the con.

Then today, I intended to make a Magikarp hat. My sewing machine had other plans, though. It broke big time. Or at least I thought it did. I'm still not entirely sure what was wrong with it, but my mom fixed it. So I'm going to try again on that hat tomorrow.

But I finished my Clyde pants! Hip-hip-hooray!

No More Drifloons! (Day 212)

I sold a Drifloon hat today and made one last Drifloon. I am so glad I don't have to make any more dangly heart things. Those were the hardest part. I also made one Mewtwo hat, which used up the last of my light purple fabric. Next I'm going to make Magikarp and Jigglypuff hats. In that order, of course.

Tomorrow, my pants will be FINISHED! Then I have to hem and paint my boyfriend's pants, which I fully intend to do in one week. Yup. Totally. *ded*

Oh! And I almost have a full Pac-Man group for Fanime! We have Pac-Man and three ghosts, and one guy who really wants to be a ghost, but doesn't know if he can go to Fanime yet. He says he'll know by Thursday. Here's hoping~!

Drifloon Army (Day 211)

So today, I worked on my Clyde pants more, I'M ALMOST DONE! I also made two more Drifloon hats. I intend to make one more, and then start making Mewtwo hats, since they're pretty much the same color. I'm cutting corners on color a lot here, on all of them really. Drifloon is darker than Mewtwo, but the fabric I got is slightly lighter than Drifloon and slightly darker than Mewtwo, so I'm using it for both, heh heh heh.

My friend is coming to buy her hat tomorrow, so I'll be able to start on more hats then. I honestly can't choose what hat to make next, though. I'm thinking Magikarp, though, because I'm really in love with my design for him. Also, because I already have yellow and white fabric, so I'll just need red/orange and pink. =]

Drifloon, I choose you! (Day 210)

I made a Drifloon hat today for a friend. She's paying me $15 for it, and I'm going to use that to fund several other hats. It took me about 3 hours to finish the hat, including the time it took me to make patterns. It would have taken me less time if my sewing machine didn't jam and I hadn't forgotten how to sew on part. It's not perfect, but it is quite adorable.

However, it's too small. I mean, it kinda fits me, but after about 5 minutes, it starts giving me a headache. Sooo I'll be making another one. I know exactly how and where to make it bigger, so I'll just spend another 3 hours, hopefully less, and sell the smaller one at Kin-Yoobi, marked as "Small" of course.

The same friend has agreed to join my Pac-Man ghostie army as Pinky! Yay~! And, as long as I walk her through it, she'll be making her own costume! Double-yay! I am NOOOT painting any more pants than mine and my boyfriend's (only 'cause I agreed to do his before I knew how much work they were).

With Fanime a little over a month away, I'm getting nervous. I still have a tiny bit to do on Amaterasu to make her more comfortable to wear, I have to finish mine and my boyfriend's pants, I still need contacts for Chi (which looks like it's not happening at this point), I wanted to add more to Chi's dress to make it match Hideki's jacket, I have to make Hideki's jacket, AND (yeah, there's more) I've gotten a friend to agree to teach me to make plushies, and I'd like to have a plushie for Chi (the bunny thing from A City with No People).

Whaa! I'm swamped.

Days 206 - 209

I feel like such a liar xD I haven't been posting every day, and I've barely worked on my pants. Oops. It WILL be done by Fanime! They HAVE to be!

Back to the Pants (Day 205)

I am re-attacking my Clyde pants with GUSTO! I'm determined to finish them by the end of the week, which means working on them every day. it also means I'll be posting every day again to remind my lazy butt to do it! RAWR!

Day 204

I have stuff to write for the GZR website, but instead I wrote my unofficial review of the San Fran Cherry Blossom Festivale. It's here. Oh, I don't remember if I posted this, and I'm too lazy to check, but I'm officially joining the GameZone Recreation company =] So I'm really happy about that, but it also means I can't slack off, haha.

No cosplay progress though. =/

Days 203 - 205

I bought a new shirt for Pikachu, finished designs for my Pokemon hats, decided on which hats to make first and which hats not to make at all, and went to the San Fransisco Cherry Blossom Festivale. (Review of the festivale will be on my other blog.)

So, overall, pretty eventful, I've just been too lazy to update. There's also another YouTube video that I'll post, ehh.. When I get around to it. For now, it's here.

Taking on a New Challenge (Days 201 & 202)

So I decided that in addition to making and selling cat ears, bell/zipper necklaces, and hair ribbons, which I'm already lazy enough about, I decided that I'm also going to make and sell Pokemon hats. They're fairly easy, as I said before, and don't take much time. I can also sell them for a lot more money. I'm planning on making the ones I'm selling a lot more detailed than my Pikachu one (shown in my last post) too, I'm compiling a list of Pokemon that are popular and well known, as well as taking suggestions / requests on what ones to make.

So far, the list is as follows:

• Bulbasaur • Charmander • Squirtle • Chikorita • Cyndaquill • Totodile • Treeko • Torchic • Mudkip • Turtwig • Chimchar • Piplup

• Mew • Mewtwo • Lugia • Ho-oh

• Pikachu • Magikarp • Jigglypuff • Dratini • Shaymin • Drifloon

I'd also like to make all of the Eeveelutions into hats, because I have some strange obsession with all of them, but I'm putting those on the back-burner to cut down my workload until I know exactly what I've gotten myself into. Also, if I make them, I'll want to keep them... All of them..... o.o

Anyway, I'm making at least three of each to take with me to Kin-Yoobi to sell. Depending on how much extra fabric I have, how much work they each are, and how much time I have, I make make up to 5 of certain ones.

Feel free to give me suggestions or requests. If you suggest / request something, that does not necessarily mean you have to buy it, or even that you'll be able to. I'll just be making a few of all the ones suggested. However, if you would like me to make and hold one for you, you can let me know specifically and I'll see what I can do.

Pika-Pikaaa~! (Day 200)

I has a Pikachu hat!!! I sort of want to add the red cheeks to the hat, but oh well. It's my first time making a fleece hat and I'm so proud! ♥ It only took me about an hour and a half, since it's fairly simple, and I looked at a panda hat I have for the pattern, so it was pretty easy to figure out.

Days 190 - 199

Haha, good thing I posted today, then I can do a single post for Day 200. Anyway, I still haven't done much. I added Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) to my cosplay list due to popular demand and despite my lack of having ever played Final Fantasy... Ever. But I guess I can at least try to play before I cosplay her, since it'll be a long time from now.

I've been looking at ways to re-make my Pikachu costume, since it's pretty much nonexistent. Pikachu was never meant to be a real costume for me, it really just sorta happened. In any case, it's looking like bright yellow is the "in" color this season, so I have plenty of styles of bright yellow shirts to choose from. I'm trying to find something cute, but not sexy. I know for sure I have to remake the ears though, because the ones I bought are just not up to par.

Kin-Yoobi Con 2010 Anime Feud Event Round 3

Round 3 of Kin-Yoobi Con 2010's Anime Feud questionnaire series! I was dead that day. Super dead. I was in zombie mode. However, I wrote the script and questions for this one, so I'm at least proud of that. Happy peppy Pika-girl will be back next week.

Days 182 - 189

I have pretty much done nothing. I'm really ashamed =[ I kinda painted on my Clyde pants again, but it's getting more and more frustrating. I need to just do it and get it over with. But I went to WonderCon, and that was amazingly awesome. Review can be found on my other blog, here.