Goodness! (Days 339 - 349)

Where on earth did the time go!? School is really, really kicking my butt. I'm sorry I haven't updated and I haven't worked on anything.

I attended a cosplay event, which is awaiting writeup, but because I'm writing papers for school every week, I haven't felt like writing at all. Once I get that under control (in a month or so >_<) updates will get more regular (I hope). =[

Commissions Galore (333 - 338)

So I was asked to make three more pairs of Cheshire Cat ears and a tail for my cousin's friends. Money for meeee~! I finished them all today and I'll be getting my money tomorrow.

I've also been asked to make an Ash Ketchum vest and hat, but those don't need to be done until December, so I'm not worried at all. And making the vest will give me practice for when I make one for my boyfriend.

Still haven't done anything on my Franziska costume, or my boyfriend's Miles. Bleh. I feel stuck. It's more of a mental thing, but boy it sucks.

Also, my fleece hats are now on facebook!

Challenger Defeated! (Days 331 & 332)

I actually did finish the Cheshire cat ares and tail Friday night. I sold them to my cousin on Saturday, along with the four heart plush things I made. Yay, money! Unfortunately, on the same day, I was introduced to the fun of playing a 12-hole ocarina, and now I want one >_< Bye bye money....

My birthday is coming up, on which I will be getting a DS, Pokemon HeartGold, and a Pokewalker, all thanks to my boyfriend and his mom o.o I feel so spoiled now. I may purchase an ocarina and a songbook before then as well, but I like my money! And I need to save it for Fanime! D= I'm so torn...

The good news is that I've given up on my secret Fanime cosplay (which shall still remain a secret)! I'd like to do it some day, but I'm not ready for it yet. I don't possess the skills, money, or tools to make it, so it will be put off. This is good news though, because the replacement cosplay cost much less. My boyfriend and I are going to cosplay Magikarp Gijinkas! They're so cute! ^-^ And, yes, we do totally and completely plan to hop around in potato sack-like bags all day. Thursday (in line) and Saturday. Yeah, we'll probably going to be too tired for the rave Saturday night, but it'll be so freakin' worth it! (And I actually haven't chosen which night I want to go to the rave...)

I'm also making my boyfriend into Ashchu, because, well, it needs to be done. I'm sure he'd much rather be Magikarp all weekend, but.... >_> He'll thank me... Someday. So he'll basically be Pikachu with Ash's hat (ears coming out of the top), yellow/blonde bangs, and Ash's vest. I'd like him to get yellow pants, but from what I've seen, they only make yellow skinny jeans >_< So, erm.. We'll see how that goes.

And I still need to finish Franziska and Miles for Yaoi Con! Barely a month away! Ahhh! I haven't even started on Miles! And my boyfriend's out of money and can't fund it! Ahhhh! Officially freaking the F* out!

A New Challenger Appears! (Days 329 - 330)

So I made another Snorlax hat. A friend asked if I could make two, and I already had one, so I just made another. It didn't turn out as well as the other one, and while I have some guesses as to why, I'm still not entirely sure what happened. I thought I had cut the band too small, but it looks like it's too big. That's the most puzzling part.. In addition to that, I sewed the face on the wrong way, now the super fuzzy part is on the inside, and the flat part is on the outside. Makes it more comfortable perhaps? I wouldn't know... At least it's one of those mistakes that you only notice if someone tells you.

Also, my cousin asked me to make Cheshire Cat ears and a tail because Alice in Wonderland is her school's Homecoming theme. I'm going to finish them tonight to take to ehr tomorrow, since we're visiting anyway (she lives two hours away) and I don't know when the next time we'll visit is or when her Homecoming is.

Days 321 - 328

Remember when I mentioned that school was kicking my butt? I wasn't lying. I'm still dead. But I have been sewing some! Not much, but some!

I made another Pokemon hat, a Charmander, which I've made before, but didn't get a picture of before it sold. It's on my website now, which is essentially finished! I just don't have all of my "other products" up, like my cat ears and my new product =O

I went to Japantown the other day (yes this story is relevant), and I saw these little felt hearts. They were adorable and for some reason, I really, really wanted to buy one. But they were $2.50! $2.50 for a little, tiny freakin' heart that I could make myself for like 1/100th of the cost! So I did. Probably about a year ago, my mom brought home a giant bag of felt for me for either no reason or at least a reason that I don't remember, and I used some of that. =]

Each heart takes about a half hour to make, I make two at a time (so an hour per sitting), and most of it can be done while sitting on the couch or laying in bed watching tv. I like projects like that because they're so mellow. I haven't finalized a price for them yet, we'll see how many I can make with the materials I've got first, and how much of a selling potential they really have. But currently, they're $2 each or 3 for $5. I really like doing "x-amount for $5" deals because they sounds so appealing, and many people do have exactly $5 laying around or in their pocket. The first one I made is pictured to the right.

The little heart things will be added to the site shortly, and the site will be linked here now! Everybody go "Yaaaaaay!"