Days 272 - 278

So much for getting back into posting again.

My beach gathering went fairly well, I think =] At most, there were twelve of us there, but we had a great time taking pictures, building sand castles, shooting each-other with Nerf guns, and just generally annoying the crap outta everyone around us. Not intentionally, of course, but we were told to "take it elsewhere" a couple of times =[ Oops.

As for working on things... Yeah, no. I just updated my to-do list and it makes my head explode, so I don't know what I'm going to do. With Kin-Yoobi right around the corner and having to prepare for it, along with daily life, I doubt that I'll get everything done that I want to. I will still have a booth at Kin-Yoobi, but not with as much stuff as I'd like =[ And that's my own fault. However, if you will for sure be at Kin-Yoobi and would like to request a hat that I already plan to make (the list is on the right), I will try to make one and hold it for you.

I will also have a booth at the swap meet at Kin-Yoobi, selling anime stuff I'm just not into anymore, or never was into. Mainly InuYasha DVDs that I've had forever and random Vampire Knight paraphernalia that I won in AOD's cosplay contest this year. Stop by if you get the chance, I have much more that that ^-^

Pokeballs Days 267 - 271

Eck, I have to get back into posting. It really is a good motivator, I've just been feeling really busy.

But today, I actually did cosplay stuff! I spray painted half of a red beach ball to white so that I can detail it tomorrow or Saturday to look like a Pokeball for my Santa Cruz cosplay beach gathering on Saturday, at which I will be Swimmer Girl from Pokemon Platinum. Yes, it's a really easy costume, but hey, it's a bathing suit, and I'm actually putting decent effort into the beach ball at least, haha.

Also, I made little regular-sized Pokeballs out of styrofoam, pretty much for the heck of it. I made a great ball, a net ball, and a dive ball. They're not perfect, but I think they're adorable.

Tomorrow, I'm having a party with some friends from my old Improv class, so I won't be doing anything.

Then Saturday is my beach gathering! I'm quite excited. There are more people going to the gathering than there are coming to my party. Heh. My friends kinda suck T_T Too busy for little ol' me. Oh well.

Happy Fourth! (Days 261 - 266)

Happy Fourth of July and all that good stuff =] I haven't blogged in forever, but now is as good of a time as any to start again, heh. Things have felt really hectic lately, even though nothing has been really going on.

Since I'm not sewing hats right now anyway (I'm still mad at them) I might sew another part of my Franziska von Karma cosplay when I have some spare time. Doing that will probably get me back into the sewing mood so I can work on hats again. I really need to get them done.

Also, I'm going to start looking into getting my Franziska wig styled, since I'm too afraid to do it myself. I know a place that does it, I just need to call and find out how much they charge.