Catching Up (Days 879 - 993)

I know I blogged a few times in-between the last time I did a number post and now, but I figured I just do a cover-all post. I haven't been up to many cosplay things recently though. Halloween's coming up, and I've decided to be a flying pig, so there's that. I bought all of the pieces of the costume from Spirit Halloween, Thrift Town, and Hot Topic. It's a pretty cute costume, I think.

Great Fairy from
"Ocarina of Time"
I am however facing a bit of dilema that I'd like some input on, so I figured I might as well post about it. I've been wanting to cosplay Navi from "The Legend of Zelda and the Ocarina of time" for a long, long time now. I really love Navi, and I really want to come up with a good design for her. I came up with an original design, based on the general idea of a fairy, but then I thought about it more and thought that it would be a lot nicer to come up with a design based on the game, rather than whatever I felt like. My first idea was to make a design based on "Ocarina of Time"'s Great Fairy, since that's the only fairy really shown in "Ocarina of Time". What I don't like is that her design makes her look like a drag queen, which I could pull off quite well, to be honest, but I feel like because of her voice, many people, including myself, imagine Navi to be very cute. I don't think "Ocarina of Time"'s Great Fairy is very cute. When I researched "Great Fairy" to get reference pictures, I realized that there were a lot more Great Fairy designs from other games. It occurred to me that I could incorporate some of the other designs as well, but I'm still torn because I really like the idea of only using "Ocarina of Time" designs.

Fairy from
"Minish Cap"
So here's all of that simplified, which would make the most sense:
using my own original design for Navi,
basing the design only off of "Ocarina of Time"'s Great Fairy,
or basing the design off of several of "Legend of Zelda"'s Great Fairies?

Of course what matters most is how I feel because I'll be the one wearing it, blah blah, I'd just like an outside opinion or two.
Great Fairy from
"Twilight Princess"