Fanime is Near!

Woah, where the hell have I been? I don't want to be one of those people that constantly plugs their other social media sites everywhere, but (I'm gonna do it anyway!) if you would like to see regular updates from me, check out my Facebook page, Gold Rose Cosplay. It's about a million times easier for me to make two clicks over on Facebook and upload a photo than it is for me to make a full post here when I want to share something. If Facebook isn't your thing, I also have a Tumblr, but I update that less often because it's a side blog.

In any case, I've been up to stuff! I'm hosting three panels at Fanime this year, so I cut down my cosplay list to make time for working on the panels. The panels are:

  • Pokemon Trivia League - Co-hosting with Ryoga Rocket, Friday from 3pm to 4pm in Panels 1
  • Sewing: How to Read Patterns - Hosting all by my lonesome, Sunday from 4pm to 5pm in Panels 3
  • Magikarp: A History - Co-hosting with my boyfriend, Sunday from 7pm to 9pm in Panels 2
Cosplay-wise, I had to drop my plans to finish Elsa (Frozen) before Fanime, because I can't find the right fabric for part of it, I can't figure out the pattern for part of it, and there's still about a thousand sequins to sew on. As a backup, I was going to cosplay Emmy (Professor Layton), but first of all, I finished playing the latest Prof. Layton game and [spoilery-spoilers major big ol' spoilers that spoil things] happened, and I'm questioning my cosplay choices, ha! Also the pattern I chose threw me for a loop, I ran out of fabric, and I don't even really like the fabric I chose. Plus I don't want to do sleeves.

SO. New cosplay lineup looks like this! (in no particular order)

I have unofficially dubbed Fanime "TummyCon", and 4/5 of my cosplays show midriff. Hope the weather's warm! As for progress, I have almost everything I need for Yumi, just waiting on the wig to come in the mail. I just need to alter the shirt into a crop top. WiiFit Trainer needs the yoga pants re-dyed darker, and I need new sneakers for it (old ones are super dirty). Ho-Oh and Koffing are done as far as I'm concerned. I might take another crack at fixing the wig for Koffing, but it's fine. Part 1 of my secret cosplay came in the mail today, needs washing then altering. When Part 2 comes in, I'll need to alter that too. Wig needs styling, but it's almost done.