Day 241

(It's technically Day 342 today, but I'm not blogging about Fanime until it's over.)

So "today" my boyfriend bought his Hideki shirt at the thrift store, and it's actually pleated! It's not pleated all the way down, but it goes to about the belt line, so it's all good! ^_^

Packing starts today!

I'm... Finished? (Day's 239 & 240)

WAT? For the most part, I'm DONE with everything I need to have done for Fanime. I'm in shock. I thought I'd be working until the last minute. Tomorrow, my boyfriend needs to buy a white dress shirt for Hideki, which I may or may not add pleats to the front of, and that's it! Yes, I never really "finished" my raver outfit, but then again, I stopped caring.

So, yes, the Hideki jacket is finished, and I am so ridiculously proud of it. I look at it now and it's hard for me to imagine that it was once just a pile of fabric. Yup, I made the entire thing by myself. Well. I didn't make the fabric. But the rest of it!

I re-made one of my Chi ears that didn't fit right, and bought an epic push-up bra for Chi. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls, but Chi is like a G-cup (I kid you not) so they needed a little boost. When Victoria's Secret says they'll add two cup sizes, they mean it. I may or may not add black ribbon to the leggings for my Chi, we'll see how much time I have tomorrow and if I feel like working on things.

I also bought an awesome pair of knee-high socks for my raver outfit, just because I could. My raver outfit is black, white, and hot pink. Tomorrow, I'll probably start packing a little and doing last-minute costume touch-ups if I think I need them, like brushing my Amaterasu o.o

I've been working on compiling a personal Fanime schedule for me and my boyfriend as well of all of the events we'd like to go to. The Black & White Ball dance lessons are what's taking up the most time, unfortunately. I didn't want to go to any of them on Friday, since I'll be Amaterasu and have my mask, but I guess I can just take it off while in the lessons. The feet too, I'm sure.

After Fanime, I may or may not take a costuming break. I have two outfits I'd like to make over the summer for Yaoi-Con (young Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma), but I don't know when I'll start those. Yes, I'm going as a girl to Yaoi-Con. I HAVE OFFICIALLY GIVEN UP CROSSPLAY. Even all of my old crossplays are retired. I'd rather gender-bend, I just can't bind anymore.

In any case, back to planning out Fanime~!

Hideki + Chi (Day 238)

So on a whim, I re-made my Chi ears, and I may have to remake one of my remakes, haha. They're open now, with wires coming out. I guess I just wanted to do something a little different, and they're so much easier to hear out of! Plus, for some reason, I think they look cuter.

Also, finished sewing the lining into the sleeves of my boyfriend's Hideki jacket. Next, I have to do the collar, but I need more fabric for that, so the plan is to go get it tomorrow. I also made a bowtie! Yay! I'm so proud of it. I based it off of a bowtie I bough a couple of years ago, but other than that, I had no idea what I was doing. My mom thinks it's insane that I can look at something and figure out how it's sewn, usually without taking it apart. It's a gift, I suppose. Making the bowtie still took around five fricken' hours! Would have been a lot faster if I had known what I was doing more and didn't mess up big time twice. First I cut things too thin and didn't realize it until after I had sewn them, then I sewed something together backwards >_<

But I am extremely proud of my little bowtie.. That doesn't fit me.. Because it's for my boyfriend. T_T If he dumps me, I'm gonna cut him with sewing utensils. Or something. Not really. But I'd fantasize about it xD

ANYWAY, happy thoughts~! Fanime is sooo cloose! Four days away! Even though I'm only going Thursday to pick up my badge and hopefully a finalized schedule of events. Then Friday I'm going for the Dealer's Room (assuming it'll open Friday, since it closes on Saturday afternoon), but then I'm leaving, and Saturday and Sunday I'm staying overnight. But since I'm leaving for home Thursday and Friday, I'll actually have parts of those days to work on last-minute cosplay things =] So I have more time than some people.

Party Time! (Day 237)

I finished my paper today and e-mailed it to my teacher! I hope I get a good grade (seeing as I half made up the whole thing), heh.

Of course, however, I did not work on cosplay. My mom had some important stuff for me to do that even took priority over my paper. Then, haha, I finished my paper went to a party xD So irresponsible of me. Partying without finishing cosplay.. Oh well. One more week! It doesn't look like I'll work on anything tomorrow either, as my mom has more important stuff for me to do, and then I have my Improvisation Performance for class to do. Wish me luck! >_<

I'll try to work on things Monday, but I will most likely be going over to my boyfriend's house. See, I got this debt card, and if I make five purchases within the next sixty days, they'll give me a hundred dollars! ^-^ So I want to use the card to buy some stuff online (naval rings, a light saber... The usual >_>) but my computer's internet connection isn't safe, so I have to use my boyfriends. ANYWAY, I'm rambling.

Monday or Tuesday I will begin work again. Still have to finish my boyfriend's Hideki jacket and PacMan pants. Then I have to finish my Chi dress, tights, and wig, put padding in the inside of my Amaterasu mask, and finish my Raver outfit. So much to do, so little time! T_T

"It's more than sexy, it's Cosplay_Rose!" (Day 236)

The title ^ was the subject of a message I got on today, haha. Some random guy from Germany hitting on me o.o But it was flattering at least.

So, all I did today was begin sewing the lining into my boyfriend's Hideki jacket. I did it wrong though, so I had to take part of it out T_T Then I had a convention planning meeting and had to leave.

And now I'm off to work on my paper! Due tomorrow! Aaaaahhh!

More Jacket Work (Day 235)

I almost finished my boyfriend's Hideki jacket today. All I have left to do is finish the sleeves, sew in the lining (which is already all in one piece), and make the black collar piece. I'm actually quite excited =]

Tomorrow, I have to write my paper for my class xP THEN I will buy fabric and make a hat for a friend who I promised I'd have it for by Fanime. THEN I will finish the jacket! *fiery eyes of determination*

Hideki Jacket (Day 234)

So I cut out, Fray-Checked, sewed on, and outlined the kanji for the back of my boyfriend's Hideki jacket. It took about two hours to complete it all, possibly more. It's supposed so say "Club Pleasure" but honestly, I'm not sure. I couldn't find any images in the manga, so I took that kanji from the back of a professionally-made jacket I found online. I opted against using the kanji from the anime because in the anime, it's supposed to say "My Pleasure" and I prefer "Club Pleasure." I'm weird like that. Tomorrow I really have to start work on my paper for my Improv class, and then I'd like to finish the jacket =]

Serious Fanime Planning (Day 233)

I'm getting really mad at myself for not working on costumes today. TOMORROW! SERIOUSLY! RAWR!

Anyway, my boyfriend got the OK from his mom to stay overnight at Fanime (only took him forever to ask, but at least he did it), so now I have to sit down and plan out the whole hotel thing. Since check-in isn't until 4pm, and I want to get there before 12pm, we have to figure out where to store our bags and park from 12-ish to 4. I don't really want to have to pay for parking, but I guess isn't only 4 hours and it's about $1.50 an hour. But still! And I don't trust Hilton staff with my stuff >_> I hear they're unreliable, even if you check in your bags at the counter.

Day 232

I really would like to start coming up with actual titles for my posts again. I'm getting bored of these numbers.

Anyway, I have yet to work on things! I would have, but I had to go to my boyfriend's house to register for next term's classes (as my home internet is not secure), and I stayed there for dinner and general hanging out.

But since my boyfriend has to do major studying for the next couple of days, I can do some major cosplaying for the next couple of days! Hurrah! Although I really should write that paper for class.

I'll be putting on a performance with my class (Theater Improv) this Sunday, and I'm both excited and nervous about it. I just really, really hope that I don't get stuck with a bad partner for any of the games. I'm not horrible at improv, but I'm not the greatest either, and I know a few people that if I had to perform with them, I'd fail. I hate having to carry the whole performance on my back, especially when I have to set up the jokes and the person I'm working with doesn't pick up on them... Ugh. Rambling. ANYWAY!

Plan for tomorrow! Work on my paper. Paint more of the Pac-Man pants. Complete outside of Hideki jacket. At least start lining of Hideki jacket. Good thing I can work on the jacket while the pants are drying, or this would all take up a ridiculous amount of time...

(And for anyone who cares about my sickness mentioned in yesterday's post, it's much better already thanks to a home remedy, but the first in-office doctor's appointments that I could make aren't until June, so I have a phone appointment for Wednesday =])

Day 231

BLARG! (caps lock is my best friend today, I apologize.) I'm freaking out on multiple levels. I'm still pissed about Super-Con for one thing. I was really looking forward to it. Also, my boyfriend's costumes for Fanime aren't finished. They're so close though that if I don't finish them, I'll never forgive myself. Also, some pretty serious health issues started up today, and they're just as annoying and inconvenient as they are painful. I just really, really hope their solved by Fanime, because it would suck if they weren't.

Anyway, as you can imagine, I haven't worked on cosplay today. I will try tomorrow.

Super-Con? (Day 230)

Today was very upsetting. First, we left maybe a half hour late, then we got lost on the way to San Jose. Getting lost was totally my fault, though, I read the directions wrong. North =/= South. Nope. It doesn't.

We made it though, only to find that it was empty! Completely closed, lights out, deserted. No signs except for tons of "no entry" signs on all the doors. I wrote a strongly-worded angry letter to Super-Con just before writing this. I felt like a bitch for doing it, but I'm still really upset that I didn't get to go because their site had the wrong days on it.

There was some good that came out of today, though, and it was a pure stroke of unbelievable luck. On the way out of the parking garage, we ran into some guys doing some sort of photoshoot. Being dressed as Pac-Man and Clyde, we were asked to join for a few shots, and I got the photographers card. =D He has some very interesting photographs, and I can't wait to see the ones he took of us. Check him out on flickr.

So instead of going to Super-Con *tear*, my boyfriend and I went glow-in-the-dark miniature golfing =D I've never been, so that was really cool. I got a hold-in-one on the last hole! Well, it took two, but the first time, it rolled back to exactly where I hit it from, so we just didn't count it. ANYWAY! That has nothing to do with anything.

I'm planning on working on cosplay tomorrow, finishing Hideki's jacket, but I'm a little concerned. First off, in the manga, the place where Hideki works is called "Club Pleasure" but in the anime, it's "My Pleasure." Also, when I looked online for the kanji for the back of the jacket, the store-bought costumes had one type of kanji, and the pictures from the anime have something different! Oh noes! And I don't trust Google translator... I may look through my mangas to see if I can find anything, because I'd trust that more than anything.

Day 229

I deposited a bunch of money into my checking account, so I now have enough for Fanime! My boyfriend hasn't paid me his half either yet, so I'll have more than enough ^-^

Shot another video for Kin-Yoobi's Anime Feud today, it's not up yet though. Also measured my boyfriend's arm so that I can make the sleeves of his Hideki jacket. I'll get to that Sunday perhaps.

Super-Con tomorrow~! <3 I didn't know if I was going for sure until like yesterday. But I am! 50% off for wearing a costume! I'll be going as Clyde with my boyfriend as Pac-Man, even if his pants aren't 100% finished >_>

Hideki Jacket (Day 228 pt. 2)

My boyfriend bought all of the fabric for his Hideki jacket today, and I sewed most of it together. right now, it looks like a bright yellow, vest, haha. I'm waiting until he can come over again to do the sleeves so that I can make sure they're the right length. The kanji on the back is a pain in the arse though.

Also, I found out that when you Google search "chobits hideki jacket" and go to images, on the second and third pages are images that link to this blog, haha. It's also on the first page of a regular search.

Day 226, 227, and 228

I'm probably going to post twice today, once for yesterday and the day before and half of today, and one for the rest of today, depending on how it plays out.

I did nothing yesterday, of course. Or the day before. Bleh. But today, I've already painted a little on my boyfriend's Pac-Man pants, and cut out mini ghosties for our Pinky's shirt.

We lost a member of our group yesterday, he has some pretty serious family things going on and will be leaving on the day we were supposed to cosplay together. Of course I'm upset, but I also just want everything to be alright for my friend, and I understand him leaving. In any case, it took a load off of my shoulders, now with only two weeks left to complete two costumes instead of three. And since our skit was rejected anyway, I'm not so dead-set on having a complete group. Also, now I don't have to worry so much about group members possibly not getting along and/or awkwardness at the con. I'm still anticipating one other member dropping out, if not two, which would leave just me and my boyfriend. But the two of us haven't cosplayed alone together at a big con on a major day in about two years, so I wouldn't mind that so much either.

I think we're financially set for Fanime at least, and that puts my mind at ease a lot too. I'd like to go deposit the rest of the money into my checking account so we'll be really ready. Also, the plan for today includes buying fabric for my boyfriend's Hideki (Chobits) jacket and sewing that. I'd love to just get that done and out of the way. Honestly, I think he'd be fine without it, but he really wants to have it. I think it goes back to when we cosplayed Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang together at Fanime 08, my boyfriend didn't have the jacket, and we heard people calling him "a random soldier." I didn't think it bothered my boyfriend, but it must have to some degree, because getting this Hideki jacket seems so important.

Day 225

Whoo! Nothing! And I probably won't work on anything tomorrow, seeing as it's my boyfriend's and mine three-year anniversary. Maybe I'll do something on Wednesday (don't count on it).

Oh! Our Fanime masquerade skit was rejected. RAGE! It was a Pac-Man skit, which I thought would be fine, since their only guidelines say that it has to be Japanese or Japanese-based, and Pac-Manm more specifically NAMCO, is Japanese.... RAGE!

Cosplay Group Progress & Drama (Days 221 - 224)

Now I remember why I don't have many close friends; I'm not willing to put up with drama. At all. Maybe I'm just lazy when it comes to it, but when people start causing problems for me, I just cut them out of my life. But now I'm stuck with it. Nothing major, just "high-school" drama.. Out of high school xP BLEH!

Anyway, fabric, hot glue sticks, and a shirt were bought for Blinky, but nothing was done on it because I got sick, and am too lazy to do much since I've been feeling better.

Cosplay Group & PROGRESS! (Days 219 & 220)

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of our progress, but they'd be pretty ugly anyway, since things are still in the "Skeleton" stage. Soo, four out of five of us got together today. We finished the cardboard parts of two ghosts, Pinky and Inky, and painted another leg of my boyfriend's (Pac-Man) pants. A trip to the fabric store produced another bottle of white Puff paint (because we ran out, surprisingly) and more white iron-on letters, because of course I didn't have enough for Inky, Pinky, and Blinky. How dare they give me only one K. Pfft.

Anyway~! I'm very, very pleased with all of the progress. Next time (whenever that may be) we will cover Pinky, cut out some mini ghosties for shirts, and maybe take another trip to the fabric store and/or mall. =]

A few of us are a little concerned, though. I'll use code names here. I first invited Friend A to the group, and she's cosplay buddies with Friend B, so of course I invited her too. Then, in need of one more, I invited Friend C. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until today that Friend B and Friend C have possibly severely conflicting personalities. Friend C and my boyfriend agree. I haven't discussed this with Friends B or C, but I think I may warn friend C, because I honestly don't think he'll be the problem, I just think that Friend B won't like him. Le sigh. Also, even though I invited Friend b into the group first, I get along better with Friend C, and he's much more reliable, and he's already started on his costume, while Friend B has not, unless she's working on her own, which I doubt. =/

Buuuut, all of my worrying could be nothing and they could get along great xP I already butt heads with Friend B though >_>

Cosplay Stereotypes

I feel like I've addressed this already.. Inspired by the thread titled "dumb/funny/weird cosplay myths and stereotypes" I've decided to compile and respond to the most interesting or commonly heard ones.

These stereotypes are not to be taken seriously. They apply differently to all people, and my answers are just that, my answers. Not mine and my cosplay groups, not the entire cosplay community's, just mine.

"Cosplayers cannot have a normal social life."
I personally can. I can hold a normal conversation and interact with people who have no interest in anime without trying to "convert" them. I go out with friends to the movies, the mall, theme parks, and beaches and you wouldn't be able to distinguish me from anyone else there. Yes, I do think about cosplay a lot more than others (specially when a con is near), but I can think and talk about other things too.

"Cosplayers never have boyfriends or girlfriends, or are not suitable boyfriend or girlfriend material."
I have a boyfriend. Many cosplayers I talk to have boyfriends or girlfriends, even fiances, husbands, or wives. And, yes, we probably cosplay together. I also did not meet my boyfriend through cosplaying, at a convention, or online.

"If you cosplay, you must have other stereotypically 'nerdy' hobbies like band, theater, Dungeons & Dragons, or Star Trek."
I somewhat agree with this one, on a couple of different fronts. First of all, I personally love theater and Star Trek, and theater ties heavily into cosplay. Theater and cosplay both often include acting, costume construction, and set or prop building. On the other side of this, my boyfriend's favorite part about cosplaying is the acting. While neither of us constantly act in-character, on occasions we do or even perform skits. Star Trek and D&D have nothing to do with it other than I like Star Trek and my boyfriend likes Dungeons & Dragons, both of which can be written off as purely conincidence.

"Cosplayers are all devil-worshippers."
No. Just no. I have never once heard someone say "Cosplay (or anime) has turned me into a/an [insert religion here]." Honestly, I have picked up certain ways of thinking from both cosplay and anime, but I pick them up everywhere, and it's never been "I think that because [character] thinks that," it's always "I never thought of that, but I sort of agree."

"All cosplayers have poor hygiene, are unhealthy & acne-ridden, and live in their mother's basements."
I'm unhealthy because of a medical condition I caught in the hospital when I was born, thanks, asshole. I have acne because I'm a teenager, I live with my mom for the same reason. Hygiene is a debatable issue. While I have decent hygiene, I've enough "con-funk" to suggest that others do not. I'm going to assume they're just too caught up in the convention to shower, and have a lovely aroma the rest of the time. Yup.

"Cosplayers are mentally unstable and think that they are an anime character."
I have never thought I was an anime character. Sure, I've wanted to be an anime character... When I was twelve (okay, maybe thirteen)... As I said above, I'm fairly normal. And I don't have to make anime references every other sentence either.

"Cosplayers are 'weeaboos', want to be Japanese, and use random Japanese words and phrases whenever they can."
I hate, hate, hate the term "weeaboo." On top of being insulting, it's hypocritical. "You're a weeaboo because you use random Japanese words." Isn't that what you just did..? Anyway, Yeah, I did that. When I was thirteen, and even then, not so much. I don't want to be Japanese, and I never have. I think people who do don't understand the Japanese culture at all. In most Asian cultures, Western people are considered "beautiful." So for a Westerner to want to be beautiful like a Japanese person, who is in turn trying to be beautiful like a Western person, is just silly.

"Cosplayers are all immature."
Depends on your definition of "immature" really. You could argue that we are closer to a fantasy world than most adult, regardless of our age, something that younger kids normally do, so technically "immature." However, I'm pretty sure it's said to mean "inconsiderate, even though we should know better." In which case, yeah, I used to be like that, but that was actually before I started taking cosplay more seriously. I've run into too many immature cosplayers myself, so I can very easily understand why people would think all cosplayers were, but I can assure you we're not.

"Cosplayers must love hentai, and their costumes are part of some sick sexual fetish and they want to dry hump everything they see."
Nope, wrong again. It's not too far-fetched to assume that cosplayers use their costumes in their, ahem, personal life, but it's absolutely insane to assume that they want everyone and everything involved in said personal life, and that just because they're in costume means they're horny. On the same note, hentai is a personal preference and varies from person to person.

"Only certain ethnicities can cosplay well."
The internet plays a huge part perpetuating this stereotype. What you consider a "good" cosplay is a personal preference, and while it's obviously wrong to assume that all Japanese cosplayers are good and everyone else is bad, some people just don't know. The best we can do is correct them.


Hmm... (Day 217)

I've learned to become amused when seemingly perfect plans fall to pieces. Originally, my whole Pac-Man group was supposed to come over today. Then one girl dropped out, one guy dropped out, and then the last girl dropped out, leaving me and my boyfriend to work on my boyfriend's stuff by ourselves.

We did however make considerable progress on his Pac-Man pants. I mean, I messed them up (a lot) but I don't think anyone will be able to tell >_> I messed up on the back, at the bottom, so it shouldn't be too bad. The goal is to get them done in eight days. Seriously, this time. Painting pants should NOT take as long as mine did.

MAGIKARP, Use SEW Attack! (215 & 216)

"What? What to you mean you don't know SEW? ... Just use SPLASH attack!"

Made a Magikarp hat. Yup. That's pretty much it. I'm freaking out about having everything ready in time for Fanime. There's not even a month left and I still need to finish my boyfriend's Pac-Man pants, all three of our other group members need to make their costumes, two haven't even started, I need to make my boyfriend his Hideki (Chobits) jacket, and God only knows how long that will take, and I still have to get an appointment with the optometrist to be fitted for contact lenses, and buy the lenses I want for Chi (Chobits), at this rate, I won't get them at all. I need to prioritize here, but it's so difficult!