I'm... Finished? (Day's 239 & 240)

WAT? For the most part, I'm DONE with everything I need to have done for Fanime. I'm in shock. I thought I'd be working until the last minute. Tomorrow, my boyfriend needs to buy a white dress shirt for Hideki, which I may or may not add pleats to the front of, and that's it! Yes, I never really "finished" my raver outfit, but then again, I stopped caring.

So, yes, the Hideki jacket is finished, and I am so ridiculously proud of it. I look at it now and it's hard for me to imagine that it was once just a pile of fabric. Yup, I made the entire thing by myself. Well. I didn't make the fabric. But the rest of it!

I re-made one of my Chi ears that didn't fit right, and bought an epic push-up bra for Chi. Don't get me wrong, I love my girls, but Chi is like a G-cup (I kid you not) so they needed a little boost. When Victoria's Secret says they'll add two cup sizes, they mean it. I may or may not add black ribbon to the leggings for my Chi, we'll see how much time I have tomorrow and if I feel like working on things.

I also bought an awesome pair of knee-high socks for my raver outfit, just because I could. My raver outfit is black, white, and hot pink. Tomorrow, I'll probably start packing a little and doing last-minute costume touch-ups if I think I need them, like brushing my Amaterasu o.o

I've been working on compiling a personal Fanime schedule for me and my boyfriend as well of all of the events we'd like to go to. The Black & White Ball dance lessons are what's taking up the most time, unfortunately. I didn't want to go to any of them on Friday, since I'll be Amaterasu and have my mask, but I guess I can just take it off while in the lessons. The feet too, I'm sure.

After Fanime, I may or may not take a costuming break. I have two outfits I'd like to make over the summer for Yaoi-Con (young Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma), but I don't know when I'll start those. Yes, I'm going as a girl to Yaoi-Con. I HAVE OFFICIALLY GIVEN UP CROSSPLAY. Even all of my old crossplays are retired. I'd rather gender-bend, I just can't bind anymore.

In any case, back to planning out Fanime~!


  1. Wooooohooo~!!! I'm happy for you!!! I have a few things left to touch up but I'm pretty much DONE too!! :D Can't say that about the rest of my group but they really are working hard this week. ^___^ It's going to be awesome.

    Oh and Kay-chan got a bra from Victoria Secret for her Queen Elfaria cosplay. I think it might be the same kind, it's like a freakin PILLOW XD!!!

  2. Yay! We finished in time! Cheers for us! I'm so excited, but I'm SICK! Ugh. Some cold / flu / allergies monstrosity is wreaking havoc on my head =[

    I got the "Bombshell" bra xD Victoria's Secret's newest one. I put it on right after I bought it and I was wearing a tank top. I felt super self-conscious xD