Super-Con? (Day 230)

Today was very upsetting. First, we left maybe a half hour late, then we got lost on the way to San Jose. Getting lost was totally my fault, though, I read the directions wrong. North =/= South. Nope. It doesn't.

We made it though, only to find that it was empty! Completely closed, lights out, deserted. No signs except for tons of "no entry" signs on all the doors. I wrote a strongly-worded angry letter to Super-Con just before writing this. I felt like a bitch for doing it, but I'm still really upset that I didn't get to go because their site had the wrong days on it.

There was some good that came out of today, though, and it was a pure stroke of unbelievable luck. On the way out of the parking garage, we ran into some guys doing some sort of photoshoot. Being dressed as Pac-Man and Clyde, we were asked to join for a few shots, and I got the photographers card. =D He has some very interesting photographs, and I can't wait to see the ones he took of us. Check him out on flickr.

So instead of going to Super-Con *tear*, my boyfriend and I went glow-in-the-dark miniature golfing =D I've never been, so that was really cool. I got a hold-in-one on the last hole! Well, it took two, but the first time, it rolled back to exactly where I hit it from, so we just didn't count it. ANYWAY! That has nothing to do with anything.

I'm planning on working on cosplay tomorrow, finishing Hideki's jacket, but I'm a little concerned. First off, in the manga, the place where Hideki works is called "Club Pleasure" but in the anime, it's "My Pleasure." Also, when I looked online for the kanji for the back of the jacket, the store-bought costumes had one type of kanji, and the pictures from the anime have something different! Oh noes! And I don't trust Google translator... I may look through my mangas to see if I can find anything, because I'd trust that more than anything.


  1. I did that glow in the dark golf thing before. It's cool!!!

    I'm sorry about Super-Con. I haven't even heard of that con..@____@;

  2. Glow in the dark golf was definitely very cool =D I've never been on an acid trip before, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's something similar to that LOL

    Super-Con was amazingly fun last year like you wouldn't believe. It was my first predominately comic book convention, so I have a soft spot for it, but this year FAILED HARD! It was just.. Gone. Poof. Bye bye. =[