Day 232

I really would like to start coming up with actual titles for my posts again. I'm getting bored of these numbers.

Anyway, I have yet to work on things! I would have, but I had to go to my boyfriend's house to register for next term's classes (as my home internet is not secure), and I stayed there for dinner and general hanging out.

But since my boyfriend has to do major studying for the next couple of days, I can do some major cosplaying for the next couple of days! Hurrah! Although I really should write that paper for class.

I'll be putting on a performance with my class (Theater Improv) this Sunday, and I'm both excited and nervous about it. I just really, really hope that I don't get stuck with a bad partner for any of the games. I'm not horrible at improv, but I'm not the greatest either, and I know a few people that if I had to perform with them, I'd fail. I hate having to carry the whole performance on my back, especially when I have to set up the jokes and the person I'm working with doesn't pick up on them... Ugh. Rambling. ANYWAY!

Plan for tomorrow! Work on my paper. Paint more of the Pac-Man pants. Complete outside of Hideki jacket. At least start lining of Hideki jacket. Good thing I can work on the jacket while the pants are drying, or this would all take up a ridiculous amount of time...

(And for anyone who cares about my sickness mentioned in yesterday's post, it's much better already thanks to a home remedy, but the first in-office doctor's appointments that I could make aren't until June, so I have a phone appointment for Wednesday =])

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