Hideki + Chi (Day 238)

So on a whim, I re-made my Chi ears, and I may have to remake one of my remakes, haha. They're open now, with wires coming out. I guess I just wanted to do something a little different, and they're so much easier to hear out of! Plus, for some reason, I think they look cuter.

Also, finished sewing the lining into the sleeves of my boyfriend's Hideki jacket. Next, I have to do the collar, but I need more fabric for that, so the plan is to go get it tomorrow. I also made a bowtie! Yay! I'm so proud of it. I based it off of a bowtie I bough a couple of years ago, but other than that, I had no idea what I was doing. My mom thinks it's insane that I can look at something and figure out how it's sewn, usually without taking it apart. It's a gift, I suppose. Making the bowtie still took around five fricken' hours! Would have been a lot faster if I had known what I was doing more and didn't mess up big time twice. First I cut things too thin and didn't realize it until after I had sewn them, then I sewed something together backwards >_<

But I am extremely proud of my little bowtie.. That doesn't fit me.. Because it's for my boyfriend. T_T If he dumps me, I'm gonna cut him with sewing utensils. Or something. Not really. But I'd fantasize about it xD

ANYWAY, happy thoughts~! Fanime is sooo cloose! Four days away! Even though I'm only going Thursday to pick up my badge and hopefully a finalized schedule of events. Then Friday I'm going for the Dealer's Room (assuming it'll open Friday, since it closes on Saturday afternoon), but then I'm leaving, and Saturday and Sunday I'm staying overnight. But since I'm leaving for home Thursday and Friday, I'll actually have parts of those days to work on last-minute cosplay things =] So I have more time than some people.


  1. O__________O Cute!!! I like the wire idea~!!!

    Everytime I think about Fanime I wanna pee.. XD I'm all nervous and excited all together! I haven't gone with my huge group yet.... so this will be interesting! Last time we had 5 people in the room, now there will be 7. I hope there isn't drama... <__________<;

  2. I must tell you my friends' story about being locked out of their hotel room by a girl rooming with them, who then ate all of their food. xD


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