Party Time! (Day 237)

I finished my paper today and e-mailed it to my teacher! I hope I get a good grade (seeing as I half made up the whole thing), heh.

Of course, however, I did not work on cosplay. My mom had some important stuff for me to do that even took priority over my paper. Then, haha, I finished my paper went to a party xD So irresponsible of me. Partying without finishing cosplay.. Oh well. One more week! It doesn't look like I'll work on anything tomorrow either, as my mom has more important stuff for me to do, and then I have my Improvisation Performance for class to do. Wish me luck! >_<

I'll try to work on things Monday, but I will most likely be going over to my boyfriend's house. See, I got this debt card, and if I make five purchases within the next sixty days, they'll give me a hundred dollars! ^-^ So I want to use the card to buy some stuff online (naval rings, a light saber... The usual >_>) but my computer's internet connection isn't safe, so I have to use my boyfriends. ANYWAY, I'm rambling.

Monday or Tuesday I will begin work again. Still have to finish my boyfriend's Hideki jacket and PacMan pants. Then I have to finish my Chi dress, tights, and wig, put padding in the inside of my Amaterasu mask, and finish my Raver outfit. So much to do, so little time! T_T

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