Day 225

Whoo! Nothing! And I probably won't work on anything tomorrow, seeing as it's my boyfriend's and mine three-year anniversary. Maybe I'll do something on Wednesday (don't count on it).

Oh! Our Fanime masquerade skit was rejected. RAGE! It was a Pac-Man skit, which I thought would be fine, since their only guidelines say that it has to be Japanese or Japanese-based, and Pac-Manm more specifically NAMCO, is Japanese.... RAGE!


  1. ...Rejected?! They can reject skits??? What?? What happened?!

  2. Yup, they can reject them, that's why you have to submit them so far in advance and last day for changing them is the 16th.

    They e-mailed me and said "I'm sorry, but Pac-Man is not an appropriate choice for a skit, I am withdrawing your entry."