Cosplay Group & PROGRESS! (Days 219 & 220)

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of our progress, but they'd be pretty ugly anyway, since things are still in the "Skeleton" stage. Soo, four out of five of us got together today. We finished the cardboard parts of two ghosts, Pinky and Inky, and painted another leg of my boyfriend's (Pac-Man) pants. A trip to the fabric store produced another bottle of white Puff paint (because we ran out, surprisingly) and more white iron-on letters, because of course I didn't have enough for Inky, Pinky, and Blinky. How dare they give me only one K. Pfft.

Anyway~! I'm very, very pleased with all of the progress. Next time (whenever that may be) we will cover Pinky, cut out some mini ghosties for shirts, and maybe take another trip to the fabric store and/or mall. =]

A few of us are a little concerned, though. I'll use code names here. I first invited Friend A to the group, and she's cosplay buddies with Friend B, so of course I invited her too. Then, in need of one more, I invited Friend C. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until today that Friend B and Friend C have possibly severely conflicting personalities. Friend C and my boyfriend agree. I haven't discussed this with Friends B or C, but I think I may warn friend C, because I honestly don't think he'll be the problem, I just think that Friend B won't like him. Le sigh. Also, even though I invited Friend b into the group first, I get along better with Friend C, and he's much more reliable, and he's already started on his costume, while Friend B has not, unless she's working on her own, which I doubt. =/

Buuuut, all of my worrying could be nothing and they could get along great xP I already butt heads with Friend B though >_>


  1. I say have a talk with friend B.. =/

  2. I'm not even going to bother because she keeps flaking. She always conveniently gets grounded at the time of every single con, and she's already used the same excuse twice to not come to our get-togethers xP