Day 226, 227, and 228

I'm probably going to post twice today, once for yesterday and the day before and half of today, and one for the rest of today, depending on how it plays out.

I did nothing yesterday, of course. Or the day before. Bleh. But today, I've already painted a little on my boyfriend's Pac-Man pants, and cut out mini ghosties for our Pinky's shirt.

We lost a member of our group yesterday, he has some pretty serious family things going on and will be leaving on the day we were supposed to cosplay together. Of course I'm upset, but I also just want everything to be alright for my friend, and I understand him leaving. In any case, it took a load off of my shoulders, now with only two weeks left to complete two costumes instead of three. And since our skit was rejected anyway, I'm not so dead-set on having a complete group. Also, now I don't have to worry so much about group members possibly not getting along and/or awkwardness at the con. I'm still anticipating one other member dropping out, if not two, which would leave just me and my boyfriend. But the two of us haven't cosplayed alone together at a big con on a major day in about two years, so I wouldn't mind that so much either.

I think we're financially set for Fanime at least, and that puts my mind at ease a lot too. I'd like to go deposit the rest of the money into my checking account so we'll be really ready. Also, the plan for today includes buying fabric for my boyfriend's Hideki (Chobits) jacket and sewing that. I'd love to just get that done and out of the way. Honestly, I think he'd be fine without it, but he really wants to have it. I think it goes back to when we cosplayed Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang together at Fanime 08, my boyfriend didn't have the jacket, and we heard people calling him "a random soldier." I didn't think it bothered my boyfriend, but it must have to some degree, because getting this Hideki jacket seems so important.

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