Using Sculpt It Clay

Scuplt It clay is an air-hardening modeling clay and comes in a variety of colors.

Sculpt It is fairly durable, it can, for the most part, withstand being dropped, and it's not too hard to work with. However, it dries out insanely quickly, but does not set. Meaning it will crack and not smooth over as you are working with it, but it won't be hard, so when you pres it, it'll bend and become misshapen, all the while cracking and crumbling. Some cracking may be smoothed over with water or even paint.

Yes, you can paint it, which is definitely great, because it doesn't come in every color out there, of course, and the colors don't blend especially well. When painting, though, the liquid in the paint (doesn't even have to be water), mixes with the color already in Sculpt It, and can give you some odd colors.

I suggest sealing it then painting it and sealing it again. Keep in mind, whatever sealant you use will change color while you're applying it. If you would like it to stay the same color, be sure to smooth out all of the sealant with your brush, so it will dry clear.

So far I've used Sculpt It twice, once for a very detailed necklace pendant, and once to make a dog nose.
The necklace pendant had pieces sticking off of it, as part of the design, and they would not stay on no matter how hard I tried, I ended up super-gluing them on, and then the necklace got dropped and I had to re-glue some things. Yes, even the almighty super glue fails on this stuff. Also, the pendant was small and took a lot of care when making, so the Sculpt It dried out before I could attach everything, which is what ultimately resulted in the super glue. I was however very glad that I was able to paint it.
I did like how it turned out for the dog nose, however. (Please note, dog nose, not muzzle. I'm talking about the actual black nose.) The cracks and imperfections of the Sculpt It gave the nose more depth and made it more realistic, as a dog's not is of course not completely smooth.

Overall, I would not recommend Sculpt It for most people, especially not beginners, mainly because it dried out too fast, so there's little room for error.

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  1. I'm not sure if I want to get this stuff or not? LOL.

    A friend of mine said she used some sort of air-dry clay for a weapon she made... but i don't know if it was this stuff or something else.