What Not to Pack in Your Convention Backpack

This will be a much shorter post than the last, I promise, haha.

I didn't do anything cosplay-related at all today, but I have confirmed, for the millionth time, via my Costume Construction class, that I HATE sheer fabric more than anything else on this planet. Well. At least more than any other fabric. Today, I told it to go to Hell and stabbed through it with a pin. It's literally making me crazy.

So, today's topic: What Not to Bring to a Convention. Since yesterday was an extensive list on what to pack.

Real Weapons - Most cons specifically state "no live metal" in their rules on their website and convention packets (if they have them). Just don't do it.

Anything That Could be Used as a Weapon - Hammers, wrenches, large wooden objects. Most conventions have even banned yaoi paddles. (Of course lightweight props are usually alright.)

Spray Cans of Anything - Avoid them as much as you can. This means perfume, body spray, Axe, and even hairspray if you can get around it. If you must bring one of these, please wait until you get into the bathroom to use it. I don't need to walk through the hallways and come out smelling like a mixture of Irresistible Apple, Strawberry Passion, and Pine Sol. Thanks. (Not sure where that Pine Sol remark came from... Sorry.)

Large Quantities of Food - Snacks and water or soda are understandable, but full meals are a bit silly. I'd suggest using Google or MapQuest to find local eating places outside of the convention. Eat before arriving, and leave any other food in the hotel room or at home.

Giant Music-Players - Small speakers for you and your friends are one thing, I've done that myself. They were so quiet, you had to get at least close enough to talk to us in order to even hear it, and even then, sometimes you couldn't. There's no need to blast music down the hall. Just because you think it's good, doesn't mean everybody does, and I guarantee somebody will hate it and get annoyed.

FREE HUGS Shirts & Signs - They were fun for a while, but now they're old and obnoxious. After being borderline sexually harassed by a "Free Hugs!" guy (some say it was sexual harassment), I've come to dislike almost all of them.

I'm sure there's more, but I have a general rule: If you can't get it through airport security, re-think bringing it. Now, of course, airport security is much tighter, but with good reason. If you can't get it through airport security, it's because somehow whatever object it is has caused harm to someone. Ask yourself how that is possible, and see if there's another object you can take in it's place. (For example, I cheap, cardboard nail file instead of a metal one.)

I may come back and update this post on occasion, but I'm tired right now.

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