Day Sixty-One

I've seriously become so lazy... Although today felt a little crazy. I woke up and went to class, my mom was out of town all day, so my boyfriend came over because my mom didn't want me to be home alone at night. She's insane, I'm eighteen, but whatever xD At least I got to hang out with my boyfriend. =]

I don't really feel like working on any cosplay until I get more Heat Bond to finish my Chi dress. Maybe I'll get my mom to drive me back to the fabric store tomorrow so I can buy some...


  1. I hardly work on my cosplay----I've grown very lazy. I was working on stuff for a con that isn't until May(Fanime...ya) and so I just easily get distracted. Once I get money for fabric though i'm buying it for my Ayame costume and not the others...yet. o-o;

  2. Ohh~ Which conventions are you going to? D:!!! I don't really know of any other ones that I'd probably go to. I'll be out of state during the whole month of February. I'll be visiting my fiance in TX...and apartment shopping with him O.O; Soooooo I have to really work on my costumes before and after then. Yikes..didn't think about that till just now. ANYWAY XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    I can't wait to see your Ammy. I'm sure it'll be awesome........~ Props can be fun but really frustrating and sometimes cost more since you need all the craft crap for it. Lol. I think sewing is the easiest =.=;

    I like waffles too. Yum. w00t.


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