Chi Collar (Day Fifty-Six)

I feel like I did a lot more today than I did. I made a Lolita-style collar to go with my Chi outfit. I can't find a picture of what I was going for, but it's basically just a collar with rounded edges. It doesn't attach to the dress, it's just worn as a necklace basically. It's white with a big, black button. I'll get a picture on soon. I don't know if I'll wear it with the costume or not for sure, but it is rather cute.

I'm not finished with the dress, it needs more black accents, but I didn't have enough ribbon, lace, or fabric to come up with something, so it's back to the fabric store tomorrow.

I sorta of forgot about my Amaterasu mask today, but I checked on it and I'll probably add another layer of paper mache before covering it with the felt / fur, just to make sure it's stable. I'm hoping to get it finished over the weekend, but I never know.

I have a convention meeting tomorrow at nine and then it's off to the fabric store. After that, I have a doctor's appointment and I'm going to the mall with a friend who's fallen on some rough times. She needs a pick-me-up and I need a headband and white thigh-high tights. =]

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