Chi's Ears (Day Fifty-Four)

I like how "Chi's" sounds like "cheese" =] It amuses me all the time..

Anyway, Chi's ears are harder to make than I thought they'd be. The pink and white parts just don't want to fit together. And there wasn't enough foam to make the pink pieces long enough to go from the tip of the ear to lay flat against my head. In addition to all of that, 'm having trouble getting them to be the right shape. I'm hoping to finish them tonight, but who knows. I could be at this for weeks.

After they're built, I have some almost-clear silver paint that I may put over them to make them look more metallic, as they should be.


  1. I've seen people make tutorials on how to make them. Perhaps you could try and find one? I know I've made Chii ears before but they sucked butt. XD Rofl...

    Good luck though. Hope you're able to get it. ^~^ Isn't it so fun making a costume?....Sometimes it's frustrating but after a while you get the hang of it!

  2. They need some sort of alert you know if someone replies to your comment...Ya know?

    Anyway, glad your ears came out good! :D Bah..I could see lots of glue and imperfections on many of my props but other people don't seem to notice. o_o;

    And yes, I am so excited to cosplay as Ayame. I haven't seen many good ones..unfortunately ._. So I hope I do a good job! >_<;