Blarg. Dead. (Day 320)

School is kicking my butt! I'm just not used to waking up early, I never was. So I may not post for a while, despite my want to. I fear if I posted something editorial-like right now, it just wouldn't be good because I'm brain-dead. Maybe next week. Or something.

In the mean time, I had my first Theatrical Makeup class today, and I am way beyond freakin' excited! Along with covering beauty and high fashion, we're going to be learning about prosthetics, cuts/burns/bruises, age, and gender! If I can nail a male-to-female facial transformation, I'll be willing to crossplay again! I'll just be a boy with man-boobs. It's okay, it happens. They're just, umm.. Very toned pecs. yes. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

And we're also covering wigs! Ahhh! And it's all taught by the same teacher that I had for Costume Construction and she's a ton of fun. I had her last year, and I missed her tons >_< I want to take some time eventually just to catch up, and at least tell her how much her class has helped me. I mean, my sewing skills got me a job with a designer! Although, I doubt I'm getting paid. But still!

Way too excited for my own good. o.o

School's Started... (Day 319)

So classes started today, and I can already tell you that I most likely won't be working on anything this week. Just because, well, it's only Monday and I already feel lazy and exhausted. I have a kickboxing class and it's already kicking my lazy butt.

So I finally thought of some more editorial-like posts to do, based on the different "types" of cosplayers. Now, the types I came up with can apply to a lot of different people outside of cosplaying, some types overlap, some types go in pairs and are almost exactly the same, and some types have absolutely nothing to do with each-other. However, I'm going to try to go into as much detail as possible with them to make for interesting posts.

So some of the types of cosplayers that I came up with are kinetic, visual, audio, list-makers, planners, trial-and-errorers, hand-sewers, machine-sewers, drapers, stick-to-the-patterners, pattern-alterers, shoppers, commission-buyers, commissioners, dyers, crafters, Frankensteins, borderline hoarders, armorers, and pinners/staplers. Yes, some of these titles make no sense and aren't real words >_> Deal with it. If I can come up with better, catchier names that make more sense, then I'll use them. I'm also going to try to group some of these together and split others apart. For example, "shoppers" can mean people who buy full-costumes or closet cosplayers. Meanwhile, crafters and armorers are very similar, and dyers have absolutely nothing to do with almost any other category.

So in the mean time, if you have a "category" or "type" that I haven't listed that you would like to hear about, if you have a better name for one of my categories, or you would like to hear about one of the ones I came up with in particular, let me know so that I can get it done first!

Giant Wig Fail (Day 318)

So I tried to re-style my Chi wig to use for Triela (Gunslinger Girl), but it turns out, you really can't put pigtails into a wig that's not meant to have pigtail in it, no matter how hard you try. And believe it or not, hanging it upside-down doesn't help in this case either. Nope. It kinda makes it worse.

So I had to re-style the wig for Chi. But I decided that that was probably a good thing. All that really had to be done was to put the spools back in the hair, which took too long, but I did it neater than I did last time. The parts where the hair separates to go into the spool are cleaner, and the hair in the spools is less tangled and more even on both sides.

I also kinda did some touch-up on my Chi dress. Just making sure everything's attached and what not. Tried it on with two petticoats. I felt like a cupcake... It was awesome. =] I need to do something with the front bow though. It just looks messy in pictures, no matter how neatly I tie it. I have no idea what to do. Any thoughts?

Kin-Yoobi After-Party (Day 317)

The after-party went pretty much as I expected. Small, mostly people I actually knew, and a lot of fun. If there were more people (like a lot more) I'm not sure how we would have managed.

My boyfriend and I were supposed to show up at 11:30, as the party officially started at 12, but I think we got there at like 11:55 xD Oops. However, it didn't look like much setup had been done or was even needed, other than the volleyball net, which they didn't set up until after we got there anyway. We didn't help with it either, though.

The first attendee showed up at the same time as my boyfriend and I, the same attendee who was the first to show up at Kin-Yoobi, about 10 minutes early, or more, if I remember correctly. I can't for the life of me remember ever showing up early to a con that I wasn't staffing or volunteering for, but to each his own.

A couple more people showed up shortly, at most I think there were 11 of us, with at least 6 of us being staff, heh. Not our best marketing technique, but hopefully it gets better. It wasn't advertised much anyway.

We played volleyball with my Pokeball beach ball, and it went over the fence twice >_< At least it went to somewhere where we could get it without climbing the fence (we had to go around). Then when we got too hot from playing, we got in the pool and played Marco Polo. Or as we called it, "Alphonse-Edward", "Haruhi-Tamaki", "Jenny-Brock", or something else that I seem to have forgotten. Personally, my favorite was Alphonse-Edward or Haruhi-Tamaki.

There was another party going on at the same place at the same time as ours, and they thought we were crazy, and didn't get in the pool until we got out. Heh.

Eventually, we got cold in the pool, and the food was ready, so we hopped out. There were burgers and hot dogs, leftovers from Kin-Yoobi, haha. We ended up just sitting and talking, and then slowly people started to leave. I think my boyfriend and I were some of the last to leave at around 6 or 7. The party was originally supposed to go until 8, but all the attendees were gone by 5. These things happen, I suppose...

As far as cosplay goes, one girl was dressed as "Chick Pit", a variation of Pit from Kid Icarus / Super Smash Bros. Brawl, I wore a yellow shirt, jeans, and my Pikachu ears, but later changed into Swimmer Girl from Pokemon Platinum when it was warmer. My boyfriend went as Biker Guy from Pokemon Platinum, but I forgot his hat at home =/ Chick Pit later criticized me via facebook for being "half-assed" because she "will always see Pikachu" when she looks at me, and admittedly, that Pikachu was rather half-assed. However, Swimmer Girl is really a complete and accurate cosplay, except my hair, but it was a pool party, so what do you expect?

Happt Internation Cosplay Day! (Days 313 - 316)

So I haven't worked on much of anything. But today was International Cosplay Day! I dressed as Pikachu all day, even though I didn't really go much of anywhere. Yes, I am aware that I look like an idiot in this picture. But you can see my fangs! I finally remembered them! Sadly, I lost my strawberry though. =[

I felt bad dressing as "just Pikachu" but it's really the only complete costume I have right now, other than Chi, and Chi is hard to wear, what with the wig and the ears and the wires and everything o.o I almost dressed as Edward Elric, but I don't have a wig. I really wish I had finished Franziska by now, or at least most of her (though she is technically over half-finished), but we all knew that wasn't going to happen.

Good news, everyone! You just read that in the Professor's voice from Futurama!

But for real. Good news! My friend that goes to school in San Diego said that I could stay with her during Comic Con 2011! I, err, didn't ask about my boyfriend staying with us as well, but I think it'll be alright if he sleeps on the floor ^-^ My friend is very, very traditional, to the point that she could be my mom, so I didn't want to ask her right away if my boyfriend could stay too. But I will ask in the next couple of months or so. It's not like we don't have time. In any case, that'll cut down our Comic Con expenses by at least half o.o And that's a huge deal for me, seeing as I now owe my mom almost $200 for my school books, and I don't have a job.

I'm still really counting on making a lot of money at Fanime in order to cover Comic Con. I'm hoping to fly to San Diego to save time, and since it's not that long of a flight, we'll probably end up saving money, but that means we'll have to rent a car or take a bus to get from my friend's apartment to Comic Con, unless she lives less than a block away.

AHH! Freaking out already xD I'm a planner, it's what I do. I guess for now, i should focus on Yaoi-Con, which is about two months away. Then it's Holiday Anime Faire, which I'm doing absolutely zero planning for. Then I can freak out about Fanime, and THEN Comic Con o.o Yeah. I'm alright. Not gonna burst a blood vessel. Nope. Not me. *explodes*

Day 312

I always tell myself (and sometimes blog) that I am going to do stuff "tomorrow" but I never do. So, of course, I did nothing today either. Although i did browse online for the type of ribbon that I want for my Franziska cosplay, but I couldn't find it. I may have to just settle for something "close" and re-do what I've already done. In all fairness, the ribbon I have might not be accurate.

The problem with Ace Attorney games is that the artwork and the in-game clips are not only not consistent, but they're not awfully detailed either. I'm working from images similar to the one on the left, and the ribbon is for the yellow lines. The lines are clearly yellow, but it's hard to tell just what shade of yellow. I had previously thought that it was a bright, solid yellow, but looking now, it seems as though it has an orange tint. Further, I thought that it was textured, but there's no telling whether it is or isn't.

Website's Almost Finished! (Days 309 - 311)

Yay! My site's almost completely done. I published the page with the hats on it today, along with a description of them and such. It's all linked up so that the hats can be purchased too. I'm a little worried about the site because it's so small, so I hope it's reliable and safe. But since it works with PayPal, I'm pretty sure it'll be alright. There's just next to zero traffic through it.

I ran into a problem when photographing my hair ribbons, they come out all blurry and bright and just... Not visible. I think I'll have to mess with lighting and use my cell phone to photograph them. That'll take some time, but oh well.

So I'm still not linking to my site just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Days 307 & 308

BLEH! I haven't done anything. Except for working on setting up my website. It's... Kinda almost finished? I have to put up products still, that's really all.

It's not really the best system, but it's pretty clever, considering it's for free.

I couldn't find a free site that would let me have a shop that contains more than 5 items and let me personalize it and have more than one page. So I used (formerly freewebs) and and linked them together. My Webs page has all the info and such, and then when you click to buy, it takes you to UShops. Hehehe, sneaky >_>

Anyway, I'll link to my site specifically when it's completely up and running. =]

Day 306

The plan today was to go buy more yellow ribbon so that I could finish my Franziska vest-thing, but I didn't have a ride, so it didn't happen.

Franziska Jacket (Day 305)

Now, I suppose I can't really call Franziska's jacket a jacket because it has no sleeves. What it really is is a redundantly long vest. Because, really, who needs a vest that goes down to their knees? And why?

Anyway, I finished the lining for the long vest, and worked on a lot of the outer part. I sewed together the pieces except for the shoulders, and I added the yellow around the sides and bottom. I'm using thin yellow ribbon and no-sew iron-on seams. I prefer the iron-on seams because, well, you can't see any thread.. Because there isn't any! It just looks cleaner to me and you don't have to worry about the edges sticking up. But I ran out of yellow ribbon! I'm going to JoAnn's tomorrow to get more ribbon to add around the arm holes because sewing everything together. I figured it would be easier to iron on the yellow while the fabric was flat, though around the sides and bottom, it didn't really matter and I ended up sewing the pieces together before I could finish.

It's funny, putting the ribbon on the vest really reminded me of when I helped my mom make my Riza Hawkeye (FMA) costume. Probably because I was using the same yellow ribbon and applying it the same way on a similarly-colored fabric. I was actually thinking about working on that cosplay again, fixing it up and buying a wig, but I don't have the money, or anywhere to wear it, so I don't know.

I'm a little concerned about my Franziska wig, I left the bobby pin in overnight to hold the bangs up. I was hoping that I could just leave it in until the con so that it would be pretty stable the day of the con, but it seems like the weight of the pin pushed it down more than the pin actually held it up. I repositioned it and am going to check on it again tomorrow. If it holds up, I'm going to take it out during the day and see how long it holds up without the pin, to see if the bangs will last a day at a con.

I would also like to correct yesterday's post, I said that I learned to hang the wig upside-down from the forums, but I remembered later (as I was trying to fall asleep) that I actually learned that trick from a ridiculously good Hiei cosplayer at Fanime. My boyfriend and I were in the elevator with her and I noticed her ridiculously amazing wig and complimented her on it and asked how she styled it to be so perfect. She said she hung it upside-down and gelled it and let it dry overnight. I really wig I could find her again to link to her from here, that wig really is worth seeing.

Also, an update on my friend's Lolita Pokemon cosplay. She decided that she doesn't want to do it. I had previously warned her that she may have to pay for fabric, but when I reconfirmed this today, she said she'd just rather not at all because she isn't in the position to be spending money. Would it be wrong of me to make the cosplay (or even just the Lolita outfit) for myself after I refused to pay the full amount to make it for her? I'm in love with the design and would really like to see it happen, but if I made it, I'd be wearing it the day she was supposed to wear it. My only argument is that she's bigger than me (as is everyone over the age of 12 >_<) and it would've taken more fabric and more money to make it for her. Ugh, I don't know what to do. =[

I'm not sure if I've done this yet, but I've figured out my costume schedule for Fanime already. I'm pretty dead-set on this one, especially since I only have three new costumes to make for it (one for me and two for my boyfriend), and one is super ridiculously easy. The only issue is that the other two are in a completely new territory for me, I have almost no idea how I'm going to make over half of them. *sigh* Anyway, this is what it looks like:
Thursday - *Secret Cosplays*, Friday - Pikachu(Me) & Ashchu (Bf), Saturday - *Secret Cosplays* (again), Sunday - Chi(Me) & Hideki(Bf), Monday - None
If all goes according to plan and I finish the secret cosplays, the only things that may change are the costume for Sunday, we may do something else during the day and save Chi and Hideki exclusively for the Black & White Ball, and then maybe we'll cosplay something simple on Monday.

Of Hats and Wigs (Day 304)

(Random fact that no one cares about: The Day number, 234 today, finally matches up with the actual number of posts I have.)

I actually worked on cosplay today! I'm so proud of myself. My friend came over, originally so that I could start on her Pokemon Lolita outfit. We're going to make her into Mijumaru (pictured right). Unfortunately, the English name isn't out yet. Or if it is, at least I can't find it. I found a Lolita outfit that I really, really liked in New People yesterday, so we're tweaking it and changing the colors.

Unfortunately, we had no one to drive us to the fabric store, so we couldn't start on the outfit. So instead, I made another Pokemon hat! I plan to sell at Fanime if it's possible to only sell one day. I'd like to only sell Friday, but who knows. Anyway, I made a Totodile! He's quite adorable. I don't have a good picture though. He has little teeth that come down over the sides of the wearer's face =] So cute! I'll get a picture, ehh... Soon.

I've been asked a ton of times if I have a website. Am I allowed to have a website that sells things if I don't own the, umm, inspiration(?)? Anyone have any advice on this? As far as I know, I can only legally sell through places like Deviant Art or where it's abundantly clear that I am an artist and not a commercial brand. Otherwise copyright gets really, really messy.

I also styled my Franziska von Karma wig!I didn't cut it myself, had that done a while ago. I just used hair spray and gel to make the bangs stand up and fall the right way. In the picture to the left, she has a belt around her neck because I had her hanging upside-down on the shower curtain rod so that I could gel the top part of the bangs and let them dry in such a way that clearly defies gravity. I little trick I'm sure I picked up somewhere in the vast forums of They're almost perfect. I'm glad that I got them cut longer than I thought I needed to. I may have to clip them back to get them to stay exactly where I want them to, but I may be able to do it in a way that hides the clip. That would be really awesome. If not, I can just push them out of my face all day >_> Really. Not annoying in the least. -.-

Japantown Festivale (Day 303)

So today, I went to a festivale in Japantown. No, I don't really know what the festivale was for... But I still had lots of fun! I went with my mom and my cosplay buddies Vanessa and foxberry. Honestly, foxberry was a complete surprise, Vanessa didn't tell me that we were meeting anyone until we were in the car on the way over, and then she didn't say who we were meeting, haha.

In any case, I didn't cosplay, I just kinda dressed up in a lot of black and lace. It was kinda cool.

We wandered Japantown for a while, my mom went off to do her own thing. We ate some squid, that was cool, and we went into a store called New People. It was my first time in there, and we only looked at the first couple of floors where the accessories and clothes were. Very pretty stuff, but soooo expensive. =[ Couldn't afford anything. We ended up in a book shop where I bought a manga that I've been looking for (FMA Volume 23) and later I bought some strawberry mochi cake

We had to leave kinda early because my mom had plans.

For anyone wondering, I finished the front of my "Big Bang Theory" t-shirt. I'd like to put the show name on the back or something. I dunno. I ruined part of my ironing board cover in the process of painting the shirt, but it's not too bad.

Still Nothing New (Days 301 & 302)

Been obsessive-compulsively checking my e-mail. Waiting on ten-ish replies from people who wanted hats, and four pending modeling applications. I really hope I get at least one. If I get shot down by four, ahhhhhh, I'll feel hopeless T_T

In any case, no cosplay progress. Tomorrow, I'll be painting on a shirt, but it's really just for fun. I am envious of the "Bazinga!" Big Bang Theory t-shirts at Hot Topic, but they're all in men's sizes, so I'm making my own. Yup.

I Can Finally Relax (Days 298 - 300)

Ahh, with the stress of Kin-Yoobi Con behind me, I can finally just chill. However, with the Kin-Yoobi Con after party coming up fast, I'll have to jump right back into it soon. In about a week or two, in fact.

So I of course haven't been working on anything, although today, the boyfriend and I went to the thrift store and found red and green overalls for ice Mario and Luigi for the NCC Ice Skating Meetup. We struggled to find shirts, but it didn't happen. It was frustrating enough to consider making them. Because, I mean, it's a shirt. How hard can it be... Right?... Right!? Hmm...

I'm still waiting for responses from people who left me their e-mail address for custom hats. I'd really like to make them all, there's ten of them o.o That's a nice chunk of cash.. Then I could afford a PS3! Yay!

Kin-Yoobi Con 2010 (Days 296 & 297)

Ah, I'll try to keep this as cosplay-related as possible, but I didn't do too much cosplay-wise because I was staffing.

I cosplayed at Pikachu for both days, and as usual, it got an amazing response. I still never expect it though. I'm like "It's just Pikachu!" and they're like "PIKACHUUUUUUUUUUU!" o.o

I did get my Artist's Alley booth, and had people to watch it while I staffed. Luckily, it was also in a place where I could see it from the stage and keep an eye on things. I made a nice bundle o' cash, which I intend to put toward Comic-Con 2011. Back to stalking the site every day for registration to be up. I also got a lot of commission requests for hats, e-mails have been sent out for those so that I can start compiling a list of things to do. However, I'm not starting work on any of them for a couple of weeks because I need a break!

During the date, I got to see a bunch of my cosplay friends, one of whom I got to meet in person for the first time ^-^ It was pretty funny, since I didn't even recognize him when I first talked to him, I just wanted a hug from the Roy Mustang cosplayer >_< I've noticed that I'm a lot more social when my boyfriend's not around =/ This is probably not good. He's just over-protective, and I don't want to make him jealous, so I just don't talk to people as much.. This needs to be fixed.

I don't know how well the Cosplay Cafe went, because I decided not to participate in it, I only helped set up. I know that we made a nice amount of money off of selling the sweets though, so at least there's that.

I got to run the cosplay contest, with the help of my mommy and aunt. The judging panel didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it, but pretty darn close. I believe that the best and fairest cosplay contest judging panels consist of three different people: A celebrity judge who knows a minimal about of both anime/tv/games and cosplay, a judge who knows a tons about anime/tv/video games, and a judge who knows a ton about sewing. We kinda had that planned out, but something went wrong and we lost our sewing expert somehow (seriously don't know where she went). So we ended up with two of my cosplay friends (acting as one judge), Robert Axelrod (voice of Lord Zedd from the Power Rangers), and my aunt "who just likes to look at cool stuff." =] Of course they didn't judge exactly how I wanted them to, and people ended up winning multiple awards (I asked them to avoid that, but oh well =/). In any case, the audience and most of the cosplayers seemed pleased with how things turned out. I of course wanted my friend Foxberry to win, because I know exactly how much time and effort she put into her costume, and how amazing it is, but that's exactly why I wasn't a judge =/ I'm not impartial enough. Two of my other friends did win awards though, so that was kinda cool ^-^ Somehow the prizes for the cosplay contest disappeared though, so that was really upsetting to both me and the winners. Ugh..

The Cosplay Dating auction was ridiculously fun, as usual. The emcee was hilarious and really good at getting people to bid, lol. I actually got to buy someone and be auctioned off, since my boyfriend wasn't there to protest. I told him I was going to participate, but I'm not sure he believed me >_> Showed him. I bought a Lieutenant Surge (for $9), which was hilarious and ridiculously appropriate, as I was Pikachu. I didn't get to hang out with him much though, since I was also bought. When I went on stage and was asked to tell a little about myself, I Pika-squeaked into the microphone lol. The audience "Aww'ed" and "squee'd" for a little while. I went for $40 and was tied for the highest amount o.o It was ridiculously flattering, really. The bidding was started at $3 for everybody, and it flew up to $11 for me in a matter of seconds. It went up slowly after that and then flew up, it went from $25 to $30 to $31 to $40. The guy that won me said he would've gone up to $100 =O I wish he did, because I really wanted to break last year's record of $100 >_< Oh well. I was disappointed at how low some people went for though. A couple of really cute and pretty girls, and one of the models from the fashion show went for the starting price of $3. I was just in shock. They definitely should've gone for more, I don't know what happened.

Afterward, there was an unofficial anime party in the back hall, and it was ridiculously fun. Then the Anime Ball started, and while trying to teach my buyer how to Waltz just for the heck of it, I fell and hit my knee and my chin. The traction on the heels of my shoes had completely worn off somehow. We got off of the dance floor and went to play Brawl with a couple of my friends instead >_<

And that's about it cosplay-wise. I'll have a full-report on my Convention Blog soon. =]

Baking (Day 295)

Ahh, I'm officially freaking out. I made a bunch of cookies and only one cake for Kin-Yoobi. I haven't finished frosting the cookies, and the cake turned out horribly. And I'm going to spend almost all day tomorrow setting up for Kin-Yoobi. Ahhhhh!

And I decided not to use my new blonde wig for Pikachu. I feel like a wasted a ton of money ($55) for something I won't wear for like a year. I intend to use it for Mai Valentine. Rawr. Mad at myself. Wish I had given myself more time and just ordered a wig. Faaaah! Oh well =/ Too late now.

Also, I must now make a giant strawberry. Yup.

Kin-Yoobi's Approaching! (Day 294)

Baked cookies and decorated some of them today for Kin-Yoobi Con's Cosplay Cafe. Probably baking a cake or something tomorrow.

Had a big meeting today with all the staff and volunteers for Kin-Yoobi to make up assignments. I just found out that I'[m in charge of the Main Stage. Umm. Did not sign up for that o.o Didn't expect it at all, actually. Kinda awesome, but kinda terrifying at the same time. I hope I don't fail.

Cosplay Drama; I Has It (Day 293)

Do today I went for my wig styling / fitting for my Franziska von Karma wig and my Pikachu wig. My Franziska wig didn't turn out exactly the way I planned, but I still love it and do not want it messed with anymore for the sheer fact that I love it and don't want it messed up T_T My bangs can my imperfect. It's fine. Really. Bite me.

My Pikachu wig is a-freakin'-dorable, and I love wearing it and being a hott blonde again xD Is the most fun ever. My only beef(s?) with it is that it's hot, and you can see the wig line in the front because of the way the bangs are. Other than that, it's great =D

So, here's the interesting part I know you all care about. Dramaaa~!

A couple of weeks ago or so, I found out that a "friend" stole my Eeveelution group cosplay idea pretty much down to the letter and is doing it without me. She claims that her friend came up with it and she had "forgotten" that I came up with it before. Regardless of what actually happened, she's still going through with the group (or so she thinks) and isn't speaking to me, as though it's my fault.

Now, this girl clearly has no idea how the cosplay community works. She is, of course, planning on doing this group (An Eeveelution schoolgirl group) at Fanime. Last year, I wnted to do this group at Fanime. Now, my group fell through for various reason, but she had bailed on me right along with everyone else. Now I can't do my Eeveelution school uniform cosplay group until at least a year after Fanime, otherwise all I'll freakin' hear is "Did you see that group at Fanime??" Yeah, no thanks.

Now, I say she thinks she's going to do this at Fanime because she doesn't know how to sew. Sure, she knows how to alter, but not sew. She always came to me for sewing instructions. Without me, she's gonna get stuck a lot. In addition to that, she's flakey. Sure, she thinks she's going now, but who knows? She's a big fan of the line "something came up." Also, groups are hard to deal with in general, and she's always running out of money.

But, wait! There's more!

On Friday, when I went to the wig store to buy my Pikachu wig, who should I run into but the idea-stealer? She's with a couple of friends and acts like she's not not speaking to me, coming over and giving me a hug. However, her initial reaction of stopping in her tracks and saying "Oh shit!" when she saw me probably gave her away. I quickly paid for my wig (well, half of it) and high-tailed it out of there.

But wait! There's still more!

As mentioned before, I had my wig stylings today. So while I'm getting my Pikachu wig styled (which took for-freaking-ever), the lady at the front counter asks my boyfriend if he can pay for the rest of my wig since they're closing soon. I give him my purse and he goes. When he comes back ten or so minutes later, he tells me what the nice lady told him.

Apparently, after we high-tailed it outta there Friday, my former friend ambushed the poor sales lady and started asking her what I was doing there, what was she helping me with, and what did I buy? Excuse me? What business is it of hers? And if she wanted to know, why didn't she ask me? And if she didn't ask me because she thought that I wouldn't tell her, obviously she knows that I wouldn't want her to know!


That is all. I love my wigs. And people suck.

More Hats! (Day 292)

Trying really hard to get back into posting again.

Today I made two more Pokemon hats! ^-^ A Chikorita and a Cyndaquil. I decided that I'm just going in numerical order here, since sometimes I can't decide what to make next, and then I get overwhelmed and just don't work on anything. I have seven more to make and only four days to make them. I might be able to pull it off if I make two a day like I did today. We shall see >_>

Wig styling appointment is tomorrow! Yay! I found an adorable hair style that I think will work well (shown left). The wig I got is really blonde (as in near-yellow) and is a little wavier, but I think it'll work. (This wig is for Pikachu.) Also, I'm bringing in my Franziska wig to see how much it would cost for them to cut it, because they told me it might be free, since it's only bangs.

Gah! (Days 279 - 291)

I'm getting worse and worse about posting. Probably because I'm getting worse and worse about cosplaying. I've been really ridiculously swamped with Kin-Yoobi coming up in a week, as well as some other stuff. However, I have been making a selling Pokemon hats. To date, I've sold 5 hats (two Drifloons, a Mew, a Lugia, and a Squirtle). I really loved that Squirtle and that Lugia.. I made another Squirtle to sell at the con, but that Lugia was so much work (probably why I loved it so much), I don't think I'll be able to make another one for the con. We'll see.

Kin-Yoobi meetings this Tuesday and Thursday, wouldn't be surprised if we meet Wednesday too for goo measure. Somewhere in there I have to make a batch of sugar cookies, two cakes, and a bunch of cupcakes for Kin-Yoobi's cosplay cafe... Yup. This will be an interesting time management challenge. I also have to keep making hats. I have at least six more to make, but 12 if I still want to do all of the ones I originally planned to do (chyeah, not gonna happen). I worry that I may sell out at the con, but.. Oh well. At least then I'll have MONAY! Monay is nice...

Speaking of money, I just put down money for a wig at a local wig shop called Martin's Beauty Supply. this store is a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons. First, it's the only wig store I've shopped at other than the Halloween store (and we just won't talk about Halloween store wigs..). Second, they give me amazing deals. When I bought my Chi wig, it was supposed to be $60 - $70, but when I told them that that was a little out of my price range, they gave it to me for $55. Also, styling is included with the wig purchase, so essentially free. In addition to all of that awesomeness, I have a friend that cosplays whose name is Martin xD.

Anyway, the wig is for my Pikachu costume, which seems to be, err, well, evolving as time goes on (LOL). For those who haven't seen (which hopefully is most people), my Pikachu costume started out as a pair of jeans, a yellow t-shirt, ears, and a tail. I've since gone through three pairs of ears, and my newest Pikachu version is turning out to look something like a Pika-maid. And to think I used to dislike Pika-maids, though my opinion of them changed long before I became one myself. In all honesty, my Pikachu probably would've stayed at it's last stage (as seen at Fanime 2010) if it weren't for the fact that part of my purpose at Kin-Yoobi is, well, eye candy. Which is very flattering, and believe it or not, not offending in the least to me, haha. I rather enjoy being trophied, so this works out well for me. I don't think the Pika-maid will become a regular thing unless it gets a really good response from both guys and girls. I for some reason thought that my last version of Pikachu would get more negative attention from girls (mainly because it involves short shorts and heels), but the response was quite positive ^-^ So that's the version that will probably stay.

In other news, I'm addicted to Super Mario Galaxy. Yup. That's about it.