More Hats! (Day 292)

Trying really hard to get back into posting again.

Today I made two more Pokemon hats! ^-^ A Chikorita and a Cyndaquil. I decided that I'm just going in numerical order here, since sometimes I can't decide what to make next, and then I get overwhelmed and just don't work on anything. I have seven more to make and only four days to make them. I might be able to pull it off if I make two a day like I did today. We shall see >_>

Wig styling appointment is tomorrow! Yay! I found an adorable hair style that I think will work well (shown left). The wig I got is really blonde (as in near-yellow) and is a little wavier, but I think it'll work. (This wig is for Pikachu.) Also, I'm bringing in my Franziska wig to see how much it would cost for them to cut it, because they told me it might be free, since it's only bangs.

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