School's Started... (Day 319)

So classes started today, and I can already tell you that I most likely won't be working on anything this week. Just because, well, it's only Monday and I already feel lazy and exhausted. I have a kickboxing class and it's already kicking my lazy butt.

So I finally thought of some more editorial-like posts to do, based on the different "types" of cosplayers. Now, the types I came up with can apply to a lot of different people outside of cosplaying, some types overlap, some types go in pairs and are almost exactly the same, and some types have absolutely nothing to do with each-other. However, I'm going to try to go into as much detail as possible with them to make for interesting posts.

So some of the types of cosplayers that I came up with are kinetic, visual, audio, list-makers, planners, trial-and-errorers, hand-sewers, machine-sewers, drapers, stick-to-the-patterners, pattern-alterers, shoppers, commission-buyers, commissioners, dyers, crafters, Frankensteins, borderline hoarders, armorers, and pinners/staplers. Yes, some of these titles make no sense and aren't real words >_> Deal with it. If I can come up with better, catchier names that make more sense, then I'll use them. I'm also going to try to group some of these together and split others apart. For example, "shoppers" can mean people who buy full-costumes or closet cosplayers. Meanwhile, crafters and armorers are very similar, and dyers have absolutely nothing to do with almost any other category.

So in the mean time, if you have a "category" or "type" that I haven't listed that you would like to hear about, if you have a better name for one of my categories, or you would like to hear about one of the ones I came up with in particular, let me know so that I can get it done first!

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