Franziska Jacket (Day 305)

Now, I suppose I can't really call Franziska's jacket a jacket because it has no sleeves. What it really is is a redundantly long vest. Because, really, who needs a vest that goes down to their knees? And why?

Anyway, I finished the lining for the long vest, and worked on a lot of the outer part. I sewed together the pieces except for the shoulders, and I added the yellow around the sides and bottom. I'm using thin yellow ribbon and no-sew iron-on seams. I prefer the iron-on seams because, well, you can't see any thread.. Because there isn't any! It just looks cleaner to me and you don't have to worry about the edges sticking up. But I ran out of yellow ribbon! I'm going to JoAnn's tomorrow to get more ribbon to add around the arm holes because sewing everything together. I figured it would be easier to iron on the yellow while the fabric was flat, though around the sides and bottom, it didn't really matter and I ended up sewing the pieces together before I could finish.

It's funny, putting the ribbon on the vest really reminded me of when I helped my mom make my Riza Hawkeye (FMA) costume. Probably because I was using the same yellow ribbon and applying it the same way on a similarly-colored fabric. I was actually thinking about working on that cosplay again, fixing it up and buying a wig, but I don't have the money, or anywhere to wear it, so I don't know.

I'm a little concerned about my Franziska wig, I left the bobby pin in overnight to hold the bangs up. I was hoping that I could just leave it in until the con so that it would be pretty stable the day of the con, but it seems like the weight of the pin pushed it down more than the pin actually held it up. I repositioned it and am going to check on it again tomorrow. If it holds up, I'm going to take it out during the day and see how long it holds up without the pin, to see if the bangs will last a day at a con.

I would also like to correct yesterday's post, I said that I learned to hang the wig upside-down from the forums, but I remembered later (as I was trying to fall asleep) that I actually learned that trick from a ridiculously good Hiei cosplayer at Fanime. My boyfriend and I were in the elevator with her and I noticed her ridiculously amazing wig and complimented her on it and asked how she styled it to be so perfect. She said she hung it upside-down and gelled it and let it dry overnight. I really wig I could find her again to link to her from here, that wig really is worth seeing.

Also, an update on my friend's Lolita Pokemon cosplay. She decided that she doesn't want to do it. I had previously warned her that she may have to pay for fabric, but when I reconfirmed this today, she said she'd just rather not at all because she isn't in the position to be spending money. Would it be wrong of me to make the cosplay (or even just the Lolita outfit) for myself after I refused to pay the full amount to make it for her? I'm in love with the design and would really like to see it happen, but if I made it, I'd be wearing it the day she was supposed to wear it. My only argument is that she's bigger than me (as is everyone over the age of 12 >_<) and it would've taken more fabric and more money to make it for her. Ugh, I don't know what to do. =[

I'm not sure if I've done this yet, but I've figured out my costume schedule for Fanime already. I'm pretty dead-set on this one, especially since I only have three new costumes to make for it (one for me and two for my boyfriend), and one is super ridiculously easy. The only issue is that the other two are in a completely new territory for me, I have almost no idea how I'm going to make over half of them. *sigh* Anyway, this is what it looks like:
Thursday - *Secret Cosplays*, Friday - Pikachu(Me) & Ashchu (Bf), Saturday - *Secret Cosplays* (again), Sunday - Chi(Me) & Hideki(Bf), Monday - None
If all goes according to plan and I finish the secret cosplays, the only things that may change are the costume for Sunday, we may do something else during the day and save Chi and Hideki exclusively for the Black & White Ball, and then maybe we'll cosplay something simple on Monday.

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