Cosplay Drama; I Has It (Day 293)

Do today I went for my wig styling / fitting for my Franziska von Karma wig and my Pikachu wig. My Franziska wig didn't turn out exactly the way I planned, but I still love it and do not want it messed with anymore for the sheer fact that I love it and don't want it messed up T_T My bangs can my imperfect. It's fine. Really. Bite me.

My Pikachu wig is a-freakin'-dorable, and I love wearing it and being a hott blonde again xD Is the most fun ever. My only beef(s?) with it is that it's hot, and you can see the wig line in the front because of the way the bangs are. Other than that, it's great =D

So, here's the interesting part I know you all care about. Dramaaa~!

A couple of weeks ago or so, I found out that a "friend" stole my Eeveelution group cosplay idea pretty much down to the letter and is doing it without me. She claims that her friend came up with it and she had "forgotten" that I came up with it before. Regardless of what actually happened, she's still going through with the group (or so she thinks) and isn't speaking to me, as though it's my fault.

Now, this girl clearly has no idea how the cosplay community works. She is, of course, planning on doing this group (An Eeveelution schoolgirl group) at Fanime. Last year, I wnted to do this group at Fanime. Now, my group fell through for various reason, but she had bailed on me right along with everyone else. Now I can't do my Eeveelution school uniform cosplay group until at least a year after Fanime, otherwise all I'll freakin' hear is "Did you see that group at Fanime??" Yeah, no thanks.

Now, I say she thinks she's going to do this at Fanime because she doesn't know how to sew. Sure, she knows how to alter, but not sew. She always came to me for sewing instructions. Without me, she's gonna get stuck a lot. In addition to that, she's flakey. Sure, she thinks she's going now, but who knows? She's a big fan of the line "something came up." Also, groups are hard to deal with in general, and she's always running out of money.

But, wait! There's more!

On Friday, when I went to the wig store to buy my Pikachu wig, who should I run into but the idea-stealer? She's with a couple of friends and acts like she's not not speaking to me, coming over and giving me a hug. However, her initial reaction of stopping in her tracks and saying "Oh shit!" when she saw me probably gave her away. I quickly paid for my wig (well, half of it) and high-tailed it out of there.

But wait! There's still more!

As mentioned before, I had my wig stylings today. So while I'm getting my Pikachu wig styled (which took for-freaking-ever), the lady at the front counter asks my boyfriend if he can pay for the rest of my wig since they're closing soon. I give him my purse and he goes. When he comes back ten or so minutes later, he tells me what the nice lady told him.

Apparently, after we high-tailed it outta there Friday, my former friend ambushed the poor sales lady and started asking her what I was doing there, what was she helping me with, and what did I buy? Excuse me? What business is it of hers? And if she wanted to know, why didn't she ask me? And if she didn't ask me because she thought that I wouldn't tell her, obviously she knows that I wouldn't want her to know!


That is all. I love my wigs. And people suck.

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