Day 312

I always tell myself (and sometimes blog) that I am going to do stuff "tomorrow" but I never do. So, of course, I did nothing today either. Although i did browse online for the type of ribbon that I want for my Franziska cosplay, but I couldn't find it. I may have to just settle for something "close" and re-do what I've already done. In all fairness, the ribbon I have might not be accurate.

The problem with Ace Attorney games is that the artwork and the in-game clips are not only not consistent, but they're not awfully detailed either. I'm working from images similar to the one on the left, and the ribbon is for the yellow lines. The lines are clearly yellow, but it's hard to tell just what shade of yellow. I had previously thought that it was a bright, solid yellow, but looking now, it seems as though it has an orange tint. Further, I thought that it was textured, but there's no telling whether it is or isn't.


  1. I really do hate when artwork is inconsistent. It's really hard to make the costume accurate when you don't know which picture to base it off of!! ;[

  2. I usually end up combining the pictures, which is probably a huge no-no to a bunch of people. Like I chose Franziska's hair from the artwork, and the clothes from the in-game sprites. >_>