Baking (Day 295)

Ahh, I'm officially freaking out. I made a bunch of cookies and only one cake for Kin-Yoobi. I haven't finished frosting the cookies, and the cake turned out horribly. And I'm going to spend almost all day tomorrow setting up for Kin-Yoobi. Ahhhhh!

And I decided not to use my new blonde wig for Pikachu. I feel like a wasted a ton of money ($55) for something I won't wear for like a year. I intend to use it for Mai Valentine. Rawr. Mad at myself. Wish I had given myself more time and just ordered a wig. Faaaah! Oh well =/ Too late now.

Also, I must now make a giant strawberry. Yup.


  1. Ah no! Hope everything works out, and good luck on that Strawberry (^_=)!

  2. I feel that way with costumes sometimes =/ all that money spent!

  3. I imagine when u cook, this is what it might be like:

  4. Bahahaha! That video is adorable! Thank you!


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