Of Hats and Wigs (Day 304)

(Random fact that no one cares about: The Day number, 234 today, finally matches up with the actual number of posts I have.)

I actually worked on cosplay today! I'm so proud of myself. My friend came over, originally so that I could start on her Pokemon Lolita outfit. We're going to make her into Mijumaru (pictured right). Unfortunately, the English name isn't out yet. Or if it is, at least I can't find it. I found a Lolita outfit that I really, really liked in New People yesterday, so we're tweaking it and changing the colors.

Unfortunately, we had no one to drive us to the fabric store, so we couldn't start on the outfit. So instead, I made another Pokemon hat! I plan to sell at Fanime if it's possible to only sell one day. I'd like to only sell Friday, but who knows. Anyway, I made a Totodile! He's quite adorable. I don't have a good picture though. He has little teeth that come down over the sides of the wearer's face =] So cute! I'll get a picture, ehh... Soon.

I've been asked a ton of times if I have a website. Am I allowed to have a website that sells things if I don't own the, umm, inspiration(?)? Anyone have any advice on this? As far as I know, I can only legally sell through places like Deviant Art or where it's abundantly clear that I am an artist and not a commercial brand. Otherwise copyright gets really, really messy.

I also styled my Franziska von Karma wig!I didn't cut it myself, had that done a while ago. I just used hair spray and gel to make the bangs stand up and fall the right way. In the picture to the left, she has a belt around her neck because I had her hanging upside-down on the shower curtain rod so that I could gel the top part of the bangs and let them dry in such a way that clearly defies gravity. I little trick I'm sure I picked up somewhere in the vast forums of Cosplay.com. They're almost perfect. I'm glad that I got them cut longer than I thought I needed to. I may have to clip them back to get them to stay exactly where I want them to, but I may be able to do it in a way that hides the clip. That would be really awesome. If not, I can just push them out of my face all day >_> Really. Not annoying in the least. -.-

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