Giant Wig Fail (Day 318)

So I tried to re-style my Chi wig to use for Triela (Gunslinger Girl), but it turns out, you really can't put pigtails into a wig that's not meant to have pigtail in it, no matter how hard you try. And believe it or not, hanging it upside-down doesn't help in this case either. Nope. It kinda makes it worse.

So I had to re-style the wig for Chi. But I decided that that was probably a good thing. All that really had to be done was to put the spools back in the hair, which took too long, but I did it neater than I did last time. The parts where the hair separates to go into the spool are cleaner, and the hair in the spools is less tangled and more even on both sides.

I also kinda did some touch-up on my Chi dress. Just making sure everything's attached and what not. Tried it on with two petticoats. I felt like a cupcake... It was awesome. =] I need to do something with the front bow though. It just looks messy in pictures, no matter how neatly I tie it. I have no idea what to do. Any thoughts?

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