Days 321 - 328

Remember when I mentioned that school was kicking my butt? I wasn't lying. I'm still dead. But I have been sewing some! Not much, but some!

I made another Pokemon hat, a Charmander, which I've made before, but didn't get a picture of before it sold. It's on my website now, which is essentially finished! I just don't have all of my "other products" up, like my cat ears and my new product =O

I went to Japantown the other day (yes this story is relevant), and I saw these little felt hearts. They were adorable and for some reason, I really, really wanted to buy one. But they were $2.50! $2.50 for a little, tiny freakin' heart that I could make myself for like 1/100th of the cost! So I did. Probably about a year ago, my mom brought home a giant bag of felt for me for either no reason or at least a reason that I don't remember, and I used some of that. =]

Each heart takes about a half hour to make, I make two at a time (so an hour per sitting), and most of it can be done while sitting on the couch or laying in bed watching tv. I like projects like that because they're so mellow. I haven't finalized a price for them yet, we'll see how many I can make with the materials I've got first, and how much of a selling potential they really have. But currently, they're $2 each or 3 for $5. I really like doing "x-amount for $5" deals because they sounds so appealing, and many people do have exactly $5 laying around or in their pocket. The first one I made is pictured to the right.

The little heart things will be added to the site shortly, and the site will be linked here now! Everybody go "Yaaaaaay!"


  1. Cute stuff! My fiance's going to help me make a site...well I mean I had one already but he's going to help me get it going so I can sell stuff I make too!! ^_________^ It's a good way to earn extra money on the side...~ Just kind of hard with people struggling financially around here. :[

    Anyway...that hat is so cute~!!! Have you made a Luxray one? O:D

  2. That's awesome =D I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd like to build one from scratch, but I don't want to buy a domain name that'll let me do that. So templates it is! lol It's not so bad.

    If you're willing to buy a Luxray one, I'll make it >_> I can have it done fairly soon and bring it to Fanime (I'm hoping to get a booth). I'll hold it for you for only $20 ^-^ 'Cause you're my cosplay buddeh!