Drifloon, I choose you! (Day 210)

I made a Drifloon hat today for a friend. She's paying me $15 for it, and I'm going to use that to fund several other hats. It took me about 3 hours to finish the hat, including the time it took me to make patterns. It would have taken me less time if my sewing machine didn't jam and I hadn't forgotten how to sew on part. It's not perfect, but it is quite adorable.

However, it's too small. I mean, it kinda fits me, but after about 5 minutes, it starts giving me a headache. Sooo I'll be making another one. I know exactly how and where to make it bigger, so I'll just spend another 3 hours, hopefully less, and sell the smaller one at Kin-Yoobi, marked as "Small" of course.

The same friend has agreed to join my Pac-Man ghostie army as Pinky! Yay~! And, as long as I walk her through it, she'll be making her own costume! Double-yay! I am NOOOT painting any more pants than mine and my boyfriend's (only 'cause I agreed to do his before I knew how much work they were).

With Fanime a little over a month away, I'm getting nervous. I still have a tiny bit to do on Amaterasu to make her more comfortable to wear, I have to finish mine and my boyfriend's pants, I still need contacts for Chi (which looks like it's not happening at this point), I wanted to add more to Chi's dress to make it match Hideki's jacket, I have to make Hideki's jacket, AND (yeah, there's more) I've gotten a friend to agree to teach me to make plushies, and I'd like to have a plushie for Chi (the bunny thing from A City with No People).

Whaa! I'm swamped.

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  1. OY!! I know, I can't believe Fanime is so close...It's actually like a month and a day away now.