Days 203 - 205

I bought a new shirt for Pikachu, finished designs for my Pokemon hats, decided on which hats to make first and which hats not to make at all, and went to the San Fransisco Cherry Blossom Festivale. (Review of the festivale will be on my other blog.)

So, overall, pretty eventful, I've just been too lazy to update. There's also another YouTube video that I'll post, ehh.. When I get around to it. For now, it's here.


  1. :O I didn't know you had another blog~

  2. Yeah, I only posted one entry here and then linked at the top of the page over thataway >
    =] It's for convention things. I've been trying to simplify my blogs. I now have extra pages on both blogs, linked at the top, thataway ^ to cut down the amount of stuff on the side bar.


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