Days 190 - 199

Haha, good thing I posted today, then I can do a single post for Day 200. Anyway, I still haven't done much. I added Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII) to my cosplay list due to popular demand and despite my lack of having ever played Final Fantasy... Ever. But I guess I can at least try to play before I cosplay her, since it'll be a long time from now.

I've been looking at ways to re-make my Pikachu costume, since it's pretty much nonexistent. Pikachu was never meant to be a real costume for me, it really just sorta happened. In any case, it's looking like bright yellow is the "in" color this season, so I have plenty of styles of bright yellow shirts to choose from. I'm trying to find something cute, but not sexy. I know for sure I have to remake the ears though, because the ones I bought are just not up to par.


  1. Yaaay Pikachu! Some of my friends and I will be taking our Pokemon Gijinka costumes to Fanime.

  2. Aww, I'm not taking Pikachu to Fanime, only to the SF Cherry Blossom Festivale. For me, Pikachu is sort of a "fly-under-the-radar" costume, and I'd like to stand out at Fanime. =D


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