No More Drifloons! (Day 212)

I sold a Drifloon hat today and made one last Drifloon. I am so glad I don't have to make any more dangly heart things. Those were the hardest part. I also made one Mewtwo hat, which used up the last of my light purple fabric. Next I'm going to make Magikarp and Jigglypuff hats. In that order, of course.

Tomorrow, my pants will be FINISHED! Then I have to hem and paint my boyfriend's pants, which I fully intend to do in one week. Yup. Totally. *ded*

Oh! And I almost have a full Pac-Man group for Fanime! We have Pac-Man and three ghosts, and one guy who really wants to be a ghost, but doesn't know if he can go to Fanime yet. He says he'll know by Thursday. Here's hoping~!

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