Drifloon Army (Day 211)

So today, I worked on my Clyde pants more, I'M ALMOST DONE! I also made two more Drifloon hats. I intend to make one more, and then start making Mewtwo hats, since they're pretty much the same color. I'm cutting corners on color a lot here, on all of them really. Drifloon is darker than Mewtwo, but the fabric I got is slightly lighter than Drifloon and slightly darker than Mewtwo, so I'm using it for both, heh heh heh.

My friend is coming to buy her hat tomorrow, so I'll be able to start on more hats then. I honestly can't choose what hat to make next, though. I'm thinking Magikarp, though, because I'm really in love with my design for him. Also, because I already have yellow and white fabric, so I'll just need red/orange and pink. =]

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  1. I love making hats too! ^___^ I made some Dino feet/socks for my friend's birthday the other day. Fleece is amazing and funnnnz..... Pokemon hats are even better! I didn't need one for my Leafeon cosplay...but I kind of want to make one anyway. XD


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