Taking on a New Challenge (Days 201 & 202)

So I decided that in addition to making and selling cat ears, bell/zipper necklaces, and hair ribbons, which I'm already lazy enough about, I decided that I'm also going to make and sell Pokemon hats. They're fairly easy, as I said before, and don't take much time. I can also sell them for a lot more money. I'm planning on making the ones I'm selling a lot more detailed than my Pikachu one (shown in my last post) too, I'm compiling a list of Pokemon that are popular and well known, as well as taking suggestions / requests on what ones to make.

So far, the list is as follows:

• Bulbasaur • Charmander • Squirtle • Chikorita • Cyndaquill • Totodile • Treeko • Torchic • Mudkip • Turtwig • Chimchar • Piplup

• Mew • Mewtwo • Lugia • Ho-oh

• Pikachu • Magikarp • Jigglypuff • Dratini • Shaymin • Drifloon

I'd also like to make all of the Eeveelutions into hats, because I have some strange obsession with all of them, but I'm putting those on the back-burner to cut down my workload until I know exactly what I've gotten myself into. Also, if I make them, I'll want to keep them... All of them..... o.o

Anyway, I'm making at least three of each to take with me to Kin-Yoobi to sell. Depending on how much extra fabric I have, how much work they each are, and how much time I have, I make make up to 5 of certain ones.

Feel free to give me suggestions or requests. If you suggest / request something, that does not necessarily mean you have to buy it, or even that you'll be able to. I'll just be making a few of all the ones suggested. However, if you would like me to make and hold one for you, you can let me know specifically and I'll see what I can do.

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