Princess Pinky Twilight Brown Contact Review

I bought Pinky Paradise's Princess Pinky in Twilight Brown for my Yoko and Chi cosplays. After buying them, I became concerned that they wouldn't blend properly with my eyes. Circle lenses are made for dark brown eyes, and my eyes are green. I read a lot of reviews that said that the contacts didn't blend well at all with blue eyes, which I've seen, so I was really worried. Luckily, since my eyes are green, not blue, they blend pretty well. You can still see where the contact ends and my natural eye begins, but it's very faint, and I think you have to be looking for it.

Unfortunately, this is the best photo I have of them at the moment, I will try to get new, better photos as soon as possible.

They are not as bright as they are in the photo on the website, but I'm pretty okay with that. (Of course, now they have these contacts in gold, which is exactly what I wanted, but I really don't want to buy another pair, they're expensive.)

They're not very comfortable, unfortunately. I wore them for about an hour a day in the week leading up to the first convention I wore them to in order to get used to them, but they just don't seem to sit right on my eye. A lot of it is also that they make my eyes very dry, which makes the contacts feel scratchy.

I love these contacts, the color is great, though not as bright as the website photos, I just wish they were more comfortable.


  1. As a prescription contact wearer, I can't help asking - did you go to an optometrist to get fitted for your contacts? If they're that uncomfortable and don't "sit right", they might be the wrong diameter or base curve for your eye. Different companies sell lenses in different shapes, and it really does save a lot of trouble in the long run to go to a professional and find out the right diameter and base curve for your eyes, even if you're just buying plano lenses, the same way you would if you were buying shoes or a bra.

    It's also helpful to carry a small bottle of eyedrops for if your eyes get dry - but you have to be very careful about your makeup when putting them in. :)

    1. I was fitted, but I'm going to go back before wearing these again or buying any others just to be sure. I did carry eyedrops, they helped a lot. :) Thanks for the suggestions though.

    check out this website if you were interested in very bright ones. no prescription needed. they are based out of the uk, but have good shipping. you can check out a picture of blue ones we use for link named "pixie" on my blog.