Almost Ready! (Days 1169 - 1181)

With Fanime coming up soon, I've been making tons of progress! I'm so happy that I decided to only make one cosplay this year instead of my usual two or three. I'm nearly done with all of the beading, I just need to finish the hanging strands, and I need to make another store run for those.

More progress!

Even more progress!
This part of the beading is finished.
I just need to add a few more things on the back.

By the way, this is the awesome beading setup I've been using It's all my mom's, save for the measuring tape, and it's pretty awesome. I line up rows of beads on the bead board (the gray/blue thing on the left), I can line up up to four rows at a time, but usually I only do two, it saves me a lot of confusion. Other than the bead board, I think the most useful tool is the silver spoon thing that's laying on top of the bead board in this photo. It's just a long scoop with a pointed end, and you use it to scoop up small beads, like seed beads, that are too tiny to pick up with your fingers.

In addition to beading, I put a few more finishing touches on previously "complete" pieces. I put bobby pins on the inside of the headpiece so that I can wear it without the pins showing, and I put small orange feathers on the arm bands. I was debating whether or not to use the orange feathers for a long time, but I really love the way they look.

I also did a few test-runs of makeup I'm thinking of using for this cosplay, and ultimately, I decided to simplify my makeup a lot. So I wasted money on three pairs of false eyelashes, whoops! I'm kicking myself over it, but I'm not going to over-complicate a perfectly good makeup just because I'm cheap. Speaking of being cheap, I still have to buy more makeup because what I've been using for test runs is super low-quality.


  1. That is cool!! I can't believe you make your own costumes! They are soo nice :D!! Can't wait to see your cosplay :D

  2. Thank you! I have some photos, but I'm waiting for the photographer to finish editing my favorites before I post them. :) Should be soon!