AOD is Coming!

Oh my goodness, when did Animation On Display sneak up on me? I just got my confirmed panel time about a week ago.

"Magikarp a History" will be on Saturday, January 25th from 2:30pm to 4:00pm.

I just got the confirmation of my cosplay contest entry a few days ago, now all that's left to do if make sure my cosplay is in top condition and finish choreographing my performance!

I worked on my cosplay some, I re-did the hooks in the back that hold the train up. I also re-attached a couple of feathers that were falling off. I have to add some snaps to the top to make sure it STAYS on this time. It's slipping in some pictures from Fanime, and luckily my bra is the same color but ew, that looked bad.

I really hope I do well in the contest! I worked so hard on this costume, and there's cash prizes on the line! That would really help me out with Fanime and SacAnime Summer expenses. Wish me luck!


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    1. Thank you! Still more work to be done on it before I wear it again, but it's coming along nicely!