Tutorial, Progress Photos, and Research (Days 589 - 605)

Well, I haven't updated in forever, but I did finally finish my tutorial for Yoko's bikini with iron-on vinyl. It's honestly not spectacular, but hopefully it'll help someone. The tutorial shows the process I went through to make it, with progress pictures, so that's cool on its own, since I've stopped uploading progress pictures to social networking sites as much as I used to.

Progress pictures used to clog up all of my social networking sites, and it really bothered me that they outnumbered the photos I had of finished projects. I don't know why it bothered me, but oh well. I also find it rather boring to look at progress photos without a lot of explanation as to what's going on. So putting them in a tutorial gives them context enough to make it interesting and relevant to me.

So I'd like to start updating this blog more, but I've started classes again, I'm taking a Marine Biology class. It's my favorite subject ever, and so far the teacher's been great, but there is a lot of bookwork that goes with it, so that'll be taking up a lot of my time, in addition to actually working on cosplay.

Since Kin-Yoobi, I've only worked on cosplay a little bit, especially as I've been sick this past week. However, I did find a dress to alter into a skirt for Callie Maggotbone (Ugly Americans), which I'll be debuting at Animation on Display 2012. I've also been looking at demon ears and horns to use for her. I came across this excellent site, aradanicostumes.com, that has horns and ears that I've really taken a shine too. I'm holding out until I look at Spirit Halloween stores though, even though they don't have anything that I like online, they surprisingly usually have more products in-store than they do online.

I'm really stuck on what type of body paint to get though. I've heard really good things about both Kryolan and Ben Nye, I also feel a loyalty to Ben Nye, since it's all I've ever used, and it's the makeup that I learned to do theatrical makeup with. Also, there's a theatrical supply store about a half an hour away from where I live that sells Ben Nye, and I think they'd let me sample it like they did when I went in for my first kit. I don't know where to go to sample Kryolan products.

The only thing that I have decided on as far as body paint goes is that I'm going to get a body paint that seals with a spray, not powder. For my face makeup in cosplay, I use Ben Nye and seal it with a powder, but then any extra powder rubs off on things like my cell phone. Also I sometimes miss parts when powdering. I think (I hope) it'll be easier to cover everything with a spray.

I'm also torn on whether or not to use leggings/tights for, well, my legs. The issue would definitely be matching the leggings to whatever paint I get.

In any case, I'm just hoping that this cosplay won't cost too much. I'm broke. Soon (ish?) I'll be learning to make kigurumi, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to make some money off of those. Considering most of them that I've seen go for around $50, theoretically, all I'd have to do is lower the price by $5 - $10, and people would be willing to buy them. Theoretically. I just need money.

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