Halloween Preparation (Days 629 - 632)

So I've practiced my Halloween makeup twice, and I still don't entirely know what I'm going to do for sure, but here's what I did so far.

First time playing with Zombie makeup in a long time. This was sort of a half-practice for my boyfriend's Randall (Ugly Americans) cosplay also, as I have no idea how to properly mimic a missing nose. I have some ideas, but in this practice, I didn't use any scar putty because I don't have a lot of it and I wanted to save it.

I was also trying to make it look like my lower right eyelid was torn off, which probably would have worked better with scar putty also, but again, I wanted to save it. I'm still unsure about the mouth, but it turned out alright here.

Round Two! Here I'm using scar putty for around my mouth, which I'm still kind of unsure of. It look good, but it cracks and falls off fairly quickly, and I'm supposed to be playing laser tag in this. The downside of not having the mouth is that I don't have much else. The upside is that it's easier and no one will really care.

I didn't do the nose because I didn't like how it turned out the first time, and I didn't do the torn eyelid because it wasn't great the first time and, yet again, to save scar putty.

This is the second part of the makeup I played around with the second time, meant to mimic a broken shoulder with bone sticking out. I kind of started making it without a clear idea in my head of what the end goal was, so the redness isn't all the realistic. I really love the bone shard though, my boyfriend helped me with the realism of it. I just don't know how this is going to work with a laser tag vest, so maybe I'll have bone sticking out of the back of my hand or something instead.

I also did a little bit of makeup practice on my boyfriend, because he's also going to be a zombie, but it didn't turn out great. His skin tone is a lot darker than mine, and I haven't done makeup on anyone other than myself, except once, and we used her makeup kit, not mine. On Halloween, we'll have more time to mess with his makeup, and it was a pretty good trial run.


  1. I think your mouth looks great. What are using to stick it on? maybe thats the problem with it staying on.

  2. The makeup is great! Looks very good! :>

  3. Looks awesome! Too bad you're having problems with it cracking :\ I'm not one for horror theme make up, but I enjoy looking at everyone else who does it because they pull it off so well!

  4. Thanks so much guys!

    I use Spirit Gum to stick the scar putty on. I've heard that liquid latex is better, but I'm allergic. I mostly blame the cracking on the poor-quality (Halloween store) scar putty.