Days 648 & 649

So I really haven't done much of anything since the gathering, but I wanted to catch up on blogging. I finally put away my Galvantula wig after it sat wrapped up in a mesh bag for months since I last used it I saw it almost every day and just left it there. I feel bad, I thought it was ruined, but after a gentle brushing, it looks better than ever! I plan to use that wig for my Ironette cosplay, but it's not a very high-quality wig, so I may not. It just has very nice and appropriate styling for Ironette.

I cleaned up the sewing room some, but not a lot. I plan to work on cleaning it up a little bit every day until it's done. It's a really big task, could take a really long time. People just keep giving me things, and I keep buying things, so stuff just piled up. I really do love when my sewing area is clean and I know where everything is, it just gets so messy so easily when I'm working on a project!