Kin-Yoobi, etc. (Days 867 - 878)

(*This is not my Kin-Yoobi Con review.)

So I managed to make it to Kin-Yoobi without staying up stupidly late the night before, however I was ridiculously sick. I had a fever the day before and the morning of. Luckily, on Day 0 of Kin-Yoobi, there was a pool party, and I managed to sweat out a majority of whatever I had in the hot tub. That certainly helped me survive the weekend.

Since Kin-Yoobi, I haven't been up to much cosplay-wise. I have things I could work on, but I'm still in wind-down mode. I have a couple of projects planned to complete by Fanime, but it feels so far away, I have no motivation to start.

Here's some cute Rattata for your troubles.

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