My Top 3 Makeup Secrets

This doesn't have much to do with cosplay, but I always enjoy sharing beauty secrets.

#3 - Mascara
Mascara is a subtle way to bring attention to your eyes and brighten your look. I recommend also using an eyelash curler, but since this is Top 3, I left it out of the list. I've been using Covergirl mascara, since it doesn't clump nearly as much as other mascaras I've used. I also recommend Ulta mascara.

#2 - Concealer
Garnier Roll-On
For everyday wear, I usually use concealer without foundation over or under it. It works well if it's blended enough. I prefer Garnier's anti-dark circles roll-on concealer, but mine got misplaced, so I've been using Smashbox concealer. To use the Garnier roller, roll it under your eye from inner corner to outer corner on each eye, then let it dry for about thirty seconds (it's kind of runny straight out of the roller). Then use the tip of your finger to gently blend the concealer outward. To use Smashbox concealer, squeeze a tiny amount onto your fingertip or a makeup sponge. (Makeup sponges are more hygienic.) Put three small dots under each eye and dab gently to blend outward. I recommend using a powder makeup sealer with the Smashbox, but I've never needed it for the Garnier.

#1 - Exfoliating Lotion
My number one makeup secret isn't even makeup! Clean & Clear Oil-Free Morning Glow moisturizer is probably the best beauty product I've ever used. It moisturizes, exfoliates, and has SPF to protect skin from the sun. It gives my skin a clean glow that's better than any makeup I've used. I also use Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action moisturizer at night to fight acne and as an extra moisturizer at the end of the day to replenish my skin.

(That wasn't intended to sound like a commercial, whoops! I swear I don't get paid for this, I just really love it!)

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