Cosplayer Features!

I've been wanting to do this for a while, but I kept forgetting, so I'm doin' it! I want to feature cosplayers on my blog! I want to feature any and all cosplayers, just ask, and I'll feature you, regardless of how long you've been cosplaying and whether or not you make your own things or buy them. I know I don't have a ton of followers, so this isn't going to get you a lot of publicity, but I feel that things like this are good for the cosplay community, so I'd like to contribute!

The only "prerequisite" if you wanna call it that, is that you've completed at least one cosplay and attended one event with it. Otherwise message me (on Facebook) with the following:
  • Name + Cosplay Alias (if you have one)
  • At least one photo of any of your cosplays 
  • Any blogs/profiles/websites you'd like to have linked
  • Favorite cosplay-related social network
      - Facebook, Tumblr, etc. counts if you use them for cosplay 
  • Favorite cosplay with photo 
  • How long you've been cosplaying 
  • Favorite thing you've made
      - If you dont make things yourself, disregard this
  • How long you've been sewing/crafting
      - Again, if you don't, disregard this
  •  Favorite place to buy cosplay things
      - Ebay, Taobao, Amazon, etc. count, as well as cosplay-specific sellers
  • Favorite event(s) (1 - 3)
      - If you've only been to one, what was it?
      - Do you prefer gatherings or conventions?
  • A few pieces of cosplay advice relevant to physical cosplays
- Ex. sewing tips, buying tips, makeup tips, etc.
  • A few pieces of advice relevant to the social side of cosplay
      - Ex. How to meet people, how to handle anxiety at events, body image, race, etc.
  • A cosplay or event-related anecdote or two (three, max)
      - No longer than 5 sentences per anecdote, please
      - I might not use all of them, so please tell me which is your favorite
      - Can be about something that happened at an event or while crafting/shopping
      - Can be funny, scary, sweet, inspiring, etc.
  •  Any final thoughts 

I might message you back with follow-up questions, and I'll send you a link to the feature when it's finished. The plan is to post a photo here on my page with a link to the blog post in the description. I might also post the features on Tumblr maybe? Let me know if you'd prefer for me to not do any three of those things (post of Facebook, Blogspot, or Tumblr), and I'll only do the ones you're okay with.

Other things I will add to the feature:
  • My favorite cosplay of yours
  • My favorite cosplay piece/item of yours
  • My favorite picture(s) of your cosplay(s)
  • Things that I find interesting on your cosplay profile/website/etc.
If you don't want me to do one or more of these, please let me know if your first message!

I also don't know how frequently I'll post these, so I'll reply to your original message letting you know I got it, and then just wait patiently while I write things up, please. :)

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