Day 484

1:50am - So I've decided that I would in fact like to start sharing tutorials, at least ones I've found, if not making my own. I'm having trouble with Blogger though, it re-sizes all of the images so that the text is illegible. I may have to use PhotoBucket and post pictures the old-school HTML way instead of the fancy Blogger way.

In any case, I would at least like to make a picture tutorial for temporarily coloring eyebrows that was seen here on I use it often, for both my Franziska cosplay and my Chii cosplay. It really works, and people are always baffled by it.

Even though I didn't come up with the method (I will give credit, I'm always very conscious of that), and it's already well-known, I would like to post it here, at least as a way of learning how to make a tutorial.

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