Days 485 - 486

The timestamps have been moved to the bottom of the post to help make things look cleaner.

So I should be working on Magikarp (for my boyfriend) and probably Femme!Link, but those costume debut dates are so far in the future. I haven't gotten any materials for the cosplays that I need to finish sooner.

Instead, I've been working on stuff for the Magikarp panel. I really hope that I keep working on it until it's finished, and not end up putting it off until the last minute like last time. We're still not confirmed for Fanime, but we're still really hoping to get to present there. We think we'll do well there. =] According to a post by Fanime's Panel Coordinator on the Fanime Forums, panel submissions will receive news of approval some time in March. Since the last approval date was the second weekend of February, I'm guessing/hoping that the next approval date will be the second week of March. So only two more weeks of nervously anticipation!

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