So I remember seeing a photo of this PokeBra a while back, and wanting one. Of course, I considered making one, but I'm an odd bra size, so a plain white bra actually costs around $50 bucks for me, and no way am I going to spend that much on a bra that I'm going to destroy.

In any case, there is now a tutorial from the original maker on how to make your own PokeBra:

It's pretty simple, but I always like tutorials for things, and I think I might start posting them more often as I find them.

The original posting of this tutorial is on szmoon.net. The poster/creator claims that the idea came from this webcomic by mis0happy.

I had thought of this before, but I guess this reminded me, should I start posting step=by-step tutorials on how I do certain bits of my cosplays? I love sharing information and tips, but I've never really gotten much interest in how I make things. So there is now a poll in the side column over thar >> so please vote!

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