Cosplay, Comventions, & Parents, Part 1

I did a lot of thinking about cosplay today, and I talked to my mom about it some. It gave me a topic for a short-ish post today too.

Getting parents to understand cosplay.
Obviously, not all parents are the same, and some just refuse to understand. But for those on the edge, consider this:

Renaissance faires have been around for a while. A long while. Most people consider those to be, while still rather geeky / nerdy, pretty much normal. The truth of the matter is, the full name for a Renaissance faire is The Renaissance Pleasure Fair, and it is named that for the very reasons that you or your parents' minds can come up with. Renaissance faires today are actually more wild than when they started. And Anime / sci-fi / gaming / comic book / whatevers conventions are a lot tamer than Ren-faires today. This negates most worries parents could have about conventions perverts. Of course, this only works if your parents think Ren-faires are okay.

I'll post more thoughts tomorrow, when it's not 1:30 in the morning.

In other cosplay news, I'm planning a couple more cosplays. One for my boyfriend, a mystery cosplay, and one for myself, which I haven't decided on yet. =/

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